Journeyman Allied

Journeyman Allied

What is Journeyman Allied?
It is important to Journeyman Basketball that participants always get a value from their experience with the program. When a division is too small to support a full schedule Journeyman will incorporate the Allied Program to ensure your athlete is challenged and gets their fair share of court time.
Journeyman staff will select athletes from other divisions to enhance the play of the depreciated division. This division will be provided with 8 additional games to go along with their standard schedule. Athletes from the full divisions will be asked to make a donation in the amount of $25-$55 to help defray the cost of the extra games. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL COST. You are selected before payment and only asked once to contribute. Participation is NOT dependent upon the donation.
All Allied games follow traditional Journeyman and high school rules however, the games consist of four, eight minute quarters. Statistics will be tracked and posted just like all other Journeyman games. Your Allied stats are considered Alumni stats and cannot be used when determining All-Star eligibility.

How do I register for Allied?
You can’t. Journeyman staff determine the need for Allied after registration is closed. Selected athletes are based on the particular Divisional need for that session. Athletes considered are to be recognized as team players with a solid understanding of the program. Only participants from current J-Hawks or Journeyman rosters are eligible. Journeyman staff will not entertain conversations from individuals wanting explanation of selections.
Winter Session Allied Players
Ryan England
Johnny Gagnon
Brady Lafleur
Ryan Lipsitt
Matt McConnell
Owen Roth
Justin Wass
Connor Welts

When do they play?
Journeyman will make a concerted effort to make this schedule the easiest to understand. Remember, this schedule is in addition to the regular divisional games. The athlete will be listed on two teams. The schedule will be of a repeating nature. If a game is Saturday at 2:00P, it will be the same throughout the session.

Journeyman Allied is looking for a sponsor to support this small program. The goal is to have one sponsor to cover the cost of uniforms and minimal marketing needs. Yearly sponsorship costs should not exceed $2000.

Additional Questions
If you would like to be a sponsor or have questions about this program, please contact us at Please allow 48 hours for detailed responses as all Journeyman Basketball employees rely on other full time jobs for income.