Current Journeyman Basketball Program Status

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Summer & Fall 2020 Sessions
Due to the current health concerns regarding COVID-19 Journeyman Basketball has deferred teamwork sessions until at least January of 2021. We consider the safety and wellness of our athletes to be a key factor in this decision. This decision was not made hastily. We love what we do and the services we provide. But as most of you know, no staff member at Journeyman Basketball relies solely on profit made from the program. All employees and staff are responsible to other priorities and employers in addition to what they do for Journeyman.

Refunds or Credits.
Journeyman Basketball was prepared for financial hardship as they had built contingency funds to use incase of emergency. All from 2020 SELECT were refunded and those that paid for Summer Session should receive their refund shortly. Also, those that registered for the Fall Session were never charged. Journeyman never retains funds for services not provided. Many refunds had passed the available window for refunds through our online payment system so they will receive a check. This process will take bit more time because Journeyman staff are conducting some of the accounting duties to ultimately save money in this time of need.


J-Hawks & 5Stars Girls Programs
All programs in this regard are expected to resume once Journeyman and its board believe it is safe to conduct basketball activities. With the assistance of Coach K. Rogers and her assistants we are forever modifying and expanding girls basketball opportunities.

Many, during this tough time have asked what they can do to ensure Journeyman Basketball’s longevity. The board of Directors have established the PANDEMIC RELEIF FUND to assist Journeyman Basketball. The program does still have monthly financial obligations that must be paid in order to keep the business going. This PANDEMIC RELEIF DOES NOT include and stipends or employee financial gain. Our very own president is currently contributing $350 per month to the program during this downtime. To help us ensure we can take over where we left off, please consider making a donation today online.

Sponsorship & Need
Great news! CONVENIENT MD has pledged $6500 to Journeyman over the next 18 months! This will include new uniforms! Now, we can not cover the remainder of the costs of these uniforms. Costs would include not only the uniforms but the initial fee for the shorts until Journeyman is reimbursed through sales, as we know, because the athlete keeps the shorts. So we are looking for an additional sponsor. These uniforms are sublimated top quality garments. This sponsorship would last 2-3 years and include signage and many other negotiable contract requirements to help recognize our sponsor.

If your company is interested, please contact us immediately. ( or call JP directly at 603.234.5553) Due to Convenient MD’s generous sponsorship, no other healthcare providers will be considered.


Journeyman staff will forever be saddened that we did not have an opportunity to work with all the athletes that registered for 2020 SELECT. It was our largest AAU/Travel roster yet including 10 teams. Three of these teams were preparing to defend a state champ title, one of them trying to three-peat. Our plans are to allow such built teams an opportunity to return in 2021 and take over where we left off. We did, however get a chance to be part of one very important game biding farewell to our oldest boys team together since 7th grade. More can be seen regarding this game following us on Facebook.

Want to help? Journeyman is always looking for civic minded adults inspiring change and progress of the program. Consider serving an 18 month or 24 month term as a board member of Journeyman Basketball. Contact us at Include a couple paragraphs outlining your background and how you might assist Journeyman.

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