Fall Session Rosters By Division


This page is where you will find details about the Fall Session. It is our 65th Session in program history! We make every attempt to finish before school basketball starts. We like to think of ourselves as a “school first” program.

Please understand that the schedule takes 7-12 days to populate after opening day. Once registration closes it lets us know how many teams we have in each division. From there, we build a schedule. So teach your athlete to watch the calendar regularly. It is the best way to get the most current information.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL asking for your aspiring athlete to be advanced to the next division before staff  has a chance to review the skill level of ALL ATHLETES in a group setting. Staff must ensure that athletes are advanced in such a way that, divisions are competitive and appropriately sized. The process will be favorable for the group not just one individual.

LOCATION: 315 Banfield Road Portsmouth NH, as noted on the online calendar. (Saint Patrick Academy / Saint Sebastian Hall)
All athletes are asked to be responsible for following the ever changing schedule online. The best habit to practice is to look at the schedule in the morning and again before you leave your house for a game! The divisions below are TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED! Please allow the coaching staff an opportunity to see your aspiring athlete in a group setting before advancing them to the next division. We expect MANY TO BE ADVANCED! 

The rosters below were last updated…. 9/25/22 @ 12:03P!.


65th Session TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED Division 2 Athletes.

Goldrick, Nolan
Dubiela, Alex
McIver, Tucker
Healy, Caden
Barstow, Zade
Keesee, Jason
Brady-Schmoyer, Paul
Clift, Ryan

Dacles, Emmanuel
Conway, Max
Durand, Jacob
Hollasch, Grant
Landeck, Lucas
Broom, Thomas
Pierce, Owen
Jamieson, Gavin

O’Niel, Trevor
Duncan, Eli
Yalcinkaya, Bora
McGrew, Jacob
Altamar, Mateo
Karnes, Tilan
Christie, Felix
Bogle, Peter

65th Session TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED Division 1 Athletes.
Team Name: Flynn
Moriarty, Elizabeth
Cimino, Nicholas
Edwards, Andrew
Aviles, Cameron
Dmytruk, Lukas
Clough, Aaron
Emery, Jackson
Arsenault, Dylan
Bowers, Adam

Team Name: Sweeney
Mulligan, Grady
Kobs, Kingston
Davidson, Hughie
McIver, Jack
Sweeney, Liam
McGeorge, Nate
Marshall, Dominic
Wilson, Evan
Rich, Will

Team Name: Kasprzak
Betz, Javian
Hollasch, Austin
Nowak, Rob
O’Leary, Trey
Rajiv, Arvan
Barron, Declan
Myles, Iver
Copeland, Ryker
McCarthy, Finley

Team Name: Baker
Beer, Ian
Mariotti, Dexter
LaBarre Gurski, Brisbane
McGuckin, Collin
Shea, Isaac
Baker, Grant
DeAngelis, Zachary
McGuckin, Griffin
Scott, Jack

Team Name: Cartwright
Newkirk, Cael
Taylor, Colby
Kibbie, Lochlan
Cartwright, Rhys
Carella, Adam
Molda, Alex
Molda, Aaron
Norton, Parker
Zmijewski, Nate

Team Name: Schmitt
Graney, Will
Schmitt, Seu
Belanger, Lonny
Kelly, Josh
Singlar, Brod
Cameron, Trevor
Smith, Ben
Cromer, Lucas
Barbour, Jonathan
currently updating…..

65th Session JHAWKS (Girls)
TEAM: Pellman
Benson, Darby
Hatch, Nora
King, Celina
Marcouillier, Emma
Pellman, Hannah
Pellman, Lilah
Petlick, Zuri
Robichaud, Jolie
Slosberg, Anneke

TEAM: Sanborn (Two)
Amico, Sophia
Baker, Mallory
Baughman, Rachel
Bernier, Emilia
Drapeau, Payton
Moriarty, Elizabeth
Muske, Sloan
Smith, Thea
Williams, Austin
Zmijewski, Evelyn

TEAM: Three
Barbour, Elizabeth
Boyer, Mara
Brady-Schmoyer, Martha
DePippo, Stella
Fedorowics, Caitlin
Hebert, Colette
Kim, Ellina (B)
Spicer, Riley
Vidacic, Lana
Young, Ava

Team: FLYNN (Four)
Collymore, Maya
Goss, Annabelle
Gouvia, Olivia
Lane, Addie
Lord, Lily
McLaughlin, Brea
Merrill, Jane
Milligan, Ella
Ricker, Tyler
Stokel, Samantha
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65th Session Senior Division Athletes.
team 1
Dionne, Carter
Goulet, Alex
Hale, Sam
Marsh, Ethan
Miller, Cooper
Paquet, Landon
Rogers, Brady
Rothkegel, Aidan
Varney, Luca

team 2
Conti, Ryan
Duffy, Oliver
Fabbri, Bryce
Hamel, Duncan
Hansen, Edgar
Rogers, Reece
Settineri, Anthony
Siegel, Abrahm
Wilson, Evan (SW)

team 3
Allan, Cooper
Carbone, Cameron
Clift, Evan
Dixon, Adam
Dixon, Ryan
Jean, Ryan
McGuckin, Collin (SW)
Niewiera, Drew
Sternberg, Luis

team 4
Carpenter, Jack
Degen, Andrew
Duarte, Jose
Hollasch, Austin (SW)
Hren, Zach
Kasprzak, Mason
Marcouillier, Austin
Vivithana, Oalin
Wilson, Brayden
Yang, Matthew
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