Journeyman Statistics

Before you look at Journeyman statistics you should understand a few things.

Journeyman understands that an athletes individual achievements although substantial, are not nearly as important as what everyone can achieve when working together toward a common goal.  And in our own founders opinion “stats don’t make a player” to put it in his words exactly. These statistics you see do not show evidence of, defensive tenacity, leadership, effort and many other much needed aspects of the game when competing.

For 20 years statistics have been tracked by volunteers and recorded in may spreadsheets kept by the program. These stats are not considered official until entered online.

Our current stat teams consists of many volunteers in the gym and entered online by Glenn Wass. In this 20 years of recording statistics no individual has ever been paid for the work in tracking, keeping, posting or correcting them.

Errors found in these statistics should be forwarded to