Fall Session Information

Fall Session TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED Roster Information!

Please do not call before opening day to be advanced to the next division. Please allow coaches to evaluate the skill level of all participants before assigning a permanent division. Many from Division2 will be advanced to Division1. Rest assured Journeyman will put your athlete in an environment where he can grow and succeed.

ALL FIRST MEETINGS will take place at the Foundation for Seacoast Health (Community Campus in Portsmouth NH). This information is posted on our Calendar. Those familiar with the rules regarding THANK YOU LETTERS should be prepared to turn it in right away. Those requiring UNIFORM SHORTS should be prepared to pay $25. You are encouraged to get these on opening weekend.

J-Hawks – GIRLS
Wednesday September 11th at 6:00P. Then again on Sunday September 15th at 2:00P. Use the calendar for locations.

Journeymen – BOYS
Division2 Saturday September 14th at 12:30P. Use the calendar for locations.

Division1 Saturday September 14th at 2:30P. Use the calendar for locations.

SENIOR DIVISION Sunday September 15th at 6:00P. Use the calendar for locations.

SPECIAL NOTE: In the beginning the schedule may not be fully populated. Please give us some time to finish this so it does not interfere with school sports and avoids some volunteer coach conflicts.

J-Hawks (Girls)
AlHajjiri, J.
Anderson, A.
Arcieri-Rowe, L.
Calias, J.
Campbell, A.
Ducharme, K.
Franzoso, M.
Franzoso, R.
Hartman, M.
Kasprzak, K.
Knab, C.
Larkin, C.
Lucy, G.
Moriarty, E.
Oliver, C.
Telehala, A.
Whelan, J.
Young, A.
currently updating……..

Journeymen (Boys)
TAD – TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED DIVISION. These divisions are formed to simply review the skill level
of the athletes in the 59th Session. Please DO NOT ask for advancement before Journeyman staff
has had the opportunity to view their skill level in a group setting. The opening weekend schedule is
is posted on our CALENDAR. However a condensed version of this weekend is written at the top of
this page before the TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED divisional rosters.

TEMPORARILY Assigned to Division2
Aviles, C.
Baker, G.
Belanger, L.
Carbone, C.
Carella, A.
Cartwright, R.
Clark, R.
Cloutier, E.
Colburn, D.
Cortez, J.
Crombie, C.
Cromer, L.
Degen, B.
Dixon, A.
Driscoll, B.
Glaser, G.
Halepis, J.
Hastings, C.
Hayes, G.
Henzi, K.
Hollasch, A.
Kabanov, A.
Kibbie, L.
Korth, G.
Kouchoukos, R.
Lord, C.
Mariotti, D.
McDonald, J.
Mollica, J.
Niewierra, D.
Nowak, R.
Ream, T.
Rich, S.
Rich, W.
Rowe, B.
Stark, O.
Sternberg, L.
Sundar, R.
currently updating……..

TEMPORARILY Assigned to Division1
Advancement to SENIOR Division will happen in the first few meetings. Please allow staff to review the talent before advancing qualified athletes.
Belisle, A.
Belisle, E.
Bernier, B.
Burke, M.
Buzzell, J.
Carpenter, J.
Conti, R.
Cromer, M.
Degen, A.
Dixon, R.
Dresser, E.
Duarte, J.
Fitzpatrick, N.
Flanagan, M.
Flores, T.
Goulet, A.
Greco, N.
Griffith, A.
Jacoby, H.
Karcha, P.
Kasprzak, M.
Lane, D.
Lapierre, B.
McGuinness, J.
Morgado, K.
Nowak, B.
Partis, J.
Reynells, I
Rogers, R.
Rothkegel, A.
Salter, Q.
Schimoler, H.
Share, Av.
Stefanowics, O.
Stevens, C.
Strother, J.
Varghese, G.
Wasiewski, D.
Whelan, D
Yang, M.
Young, B.
currently updating……..

Allan, C.
Bowers, L.
Bryan, N.
Delano, N.
Denman, J.
Duffin, A.
England, R.
Foley, S.
Graceffa, C.
Gregoire, N.
Grube, C.
Grube, T.
Guglielmo, R.
Karlin, G.
Kelley, B.
Lyder, R.
Marier, K.
McNeff, J.
Nicholas, C.
O’Leary T.
O’Quinn, J.
Ouellet, R.
Poulin, M.
Reuning, C.
Riggie, E.
Riggie, J.
Share, A.
Shields, Z.
Soman, A.
Staniec, A.
Wass, J.
Webber, N.
currently updating……..

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