Winter Session TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED Divisions and Information

Winter Session TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED Roster Information!

Please do not call before opening day to be advanced to the next division. Please allow coaches to evaluate the skill level of all participants before assigning a permanent division. Rest assured Journeyman will put your athlete in an environment where he can grow and succeed.

J-Hawks – GIRLS
Wednesday January 9th, 6:00P @ Community Campus – OPEN GYM
Saturday January 12th, 12:00P @ Community Campus – OPENING DAY
Sunday January 13th, 2:00P @ Community Campus – Fundamentals & Team Building

Journeymen – BOYS
D2 – Saturday January 12th, 2:00P @ Community Campus – OPENING DAY
D2 – Sunday January 13th, 12:00P @ Community Campus – Fundamentals & Team Building

D1 – Saturday January 12th, 4:00P @ Community Campus – OPENING DAY
D1 – Saturday January 13th, 4:00P @ Community Campus – Fundamentals & Team Building

SENIORS – Friday January 11th, 7:00P @ Community Campus – OPENING DAY
SENIORS – Saturday January 12th, 7:00P @ Community Campus – Team Building and Scrimmage
SENIORS – Sunday January 13th, 6:00P @ Community Campus – Possibly SG1 (Game 1 of Senior Division)

SPECIAL NOTE: In the beginning the schedule may not be fully populated. Please give us some time to finish this so it does not interfere with school sports and avoids some volunteer coach conflicts.

J-Hawks (Girls)
Banafato, T.
Battle, J.
Burt, P.
Deane, A.
DiLalla, E.
Dion, H
Drapeau, R.
Franzoso, M.
Franzoso, R.
Granger, E.
Graziano, S.
Harriton, G.
Hickok, M.
Leahy, M.
Marsden, M.
Mollica, C.
Moriarty, E.
O’Regan, M.
O’Quinn, V.
Whitney, A.
currently being updated……….

Journeymen (Boys)
TAD – TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED DIVISION. These divisions are formed to simply review the skill level
of the athletes in the 57th Session. Please DO NOT ask for advancement before Journeyman staff
has had the opportunity to view their skill level in a group setting. The opening weekend schedule is
is posted on our CALENDAR. However a condensed version of this weekend is written at the top of
this page before the TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED divisional rosters.
Allan, Cooper TAD – D1
Andrews, Jack TAD – D1
Beemer, Jack TAD – D1
Bernier, Brady TAD – D1
Catania, Nicholas TAD – D1
Corriveau, Matthew TAD – D1
Courtland, Will TAD – D1
Degen, Andrew TAD – D1
Dion, Jack TAD – D1
Dixon, Ryan TAD – D1
Dresser, Elliot TAD – D1
Duffin, Aidan TAD – D1
Frame, Jackson TAD – D1
Gerety, Ryan TAD – D1
Goulet, Alex TAD – D1
Griffith, Agee TAD – D1
Karcha, Pavlo TAD – D1
Kelley, Benjamin TAD – D1
Kerens, Riley TAD – D1
Kollmorgen, Tim TAD – D1
Kouchoukos, Brady TAD – D1
Kouchoukos, Kevin TAD – D1
Lapierre, Bruce TAD – D1
Leedberg, Derek TAD – D1
Leedberg, Tyler TAD – D1
Marsh, Ethan TAD – D1
McNeff, Nate TAD – D1
Mollia, Will TAD – D1
Nowak, Bill TAD – D1
O’Connor, Joey TAD – D1
O’Quinn, Julian TAD – D1
Pease, Alex TAD – D1
Rice, Griffin TAD – D1
Riggie, Evan TAD – D1
Rogers, Brady TAD – D1
Rogers, Reece TAD – D1
Rothkegel, Aidan TAD – D1
Salter, Quinn TAD – D1
Schimoler, Hayden TAD – D1
Siegel, Sam TAD – D1
Staniec, Andrew TAD – D1
Strother, Jack TAD – D1
Wasiewski, Devon TAD – D1
Wheeler, Liam TAD – D1
Wilis, Jackson TAD – D1
Belanger, Lonny TAD – D2
Belisle, Adam TAD – D2
Belisle, Eric TAD – D2
Bernarducci, Nathan TAD – D2
Bonita, Max TAD – D2
Burke, Michael TAD – D2
Buzzell, Joshua TAD – D2
Colburn, Dustin TAD – D2
Crombie, Camden TAD – D2
Degen, Burke TAD – D2
DeTolla, Finley TAD – D2
Dixon, Adam TAD – D2
Fernald, Tyler TAD – D2
Flanagan, Matthew TAD – D2
Keenan Connor TAD – D2
Marquis, Zealand TAD – D2
Meyers, Nicholas TAD – D2
Miller, Cooper TAD – D2
Mollica, Joey TAD – D2
Morgado, Kyle TAD – D2
Morgan, Ryan TAD – D2
Plante, Raymond TAD – D2
Sanderson, Jarib TAD – D2
Share, Avry TAD – D2
Sundar, Rahul TAD – D2
Tobin, Will TAD – D2
Yang, Matthew TAD – D2

Balser, Brett
Dillow, Jack
Duarte, Henry
England, Ryan
Guglielmo, Roman
Proulx, Brennan
Veilleux, Ryan
Webber, Nate
Welts, Connor

COACH: Riggie
Delano, Nick
Dowd, Jack
Kerens, Noah
Laszewski, Logan
Ouellet, Ryan
Poulin, Michael
Riggie, John
Shields, Zach
Wass, Justin

Burt, Gabriel
Clemons-Baker, Bryce
Collins, Gavin
Dawson, Jake
Lipsitt, Ryan
Luper, Austin
Mitchell, Alex
Nicolas, Cole
Staniec, Nick

Bowers, Liam
Flanagan, Tommy
Gorman, John
Graunas-Phillips, Brian
Loving, Jacob
O’Leary, Tim
Pafford, Evan
Roth, Owen
Snow, Cade

COACH: Foley
Bachelder, Min
Flewelling, Jake
Foley, Sean
Graceffa, Christopher
Grube, Cody
Grube, Ty
Kendrigan, Liam
Lenihan, Doug
Reuning, Chris

COACH: Karlin
Antonellis, Ben
Buban, Jacob
Frame, Alexander
Ionas, Ion
Karlin, Gage
Lindsay, Cam
Marsh, JJ.
Portelli, Dominic
Pugliese, Tavis

currently being updated……….

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