(SMT) Sunday Morning Training 2020!

Attention Basketball Enthusiasts!

For those athletes looking for 1on1 or small group training SUNDAY MORNING TRAINING (SMT) could be for you. This (non-stop) training takes place on scheduled Sundays from 10:00AM to 11:15AM.

While establishing yourself as a solid player you need to make the best of opportunities available to enhance your game. You could be a varsity player looking for intense training or one who got cut from the team that truly loves the game and needs an opportunity to improve. SMT could work for you. The plan for 2019 will include 1hour 15minute workouts every Sunday.

Q – How do you get involved in training?
A – Send an e-mail to info@journeymanbasketball.com. Let us know exactly what you are looking for. Indicate your current skill level and give us a day or so to reply. We will look at our current schedule and let you know what options we have for you.
Example 1: JV player looking for assistance in aggression and shooting.
Example 2: 7 grader cut from school try-out looking for ball control and confidence.

Q – What does training cost?
A – $25 per athlete for the 1hr 15minute training session. Checks made payable to Journeyman Basketball. 

Q – Where and when?
A – Community Campus on Sundays no earlier that 10:00A. NOTE: We only run training when we are in session. Jan-Mar, Jun-Aug & Sep-Nov.

Q – What does my athlete need for training?
A – Thats easy… he or she must be properly equipped, must be prepared to work and received constructive criticism and be ready to make mistakes.
NOTE: These training sessions must be for those with legitimate goals of improvement.

Please consider working with Journeyman staff on Sunday mornings. The majority of our training will be led by supervised by JP Sanborn but trainers will vary. If you have questions, send an e-mail today.

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