Journeyman Basketball provides 3 teamwork sessions, some tournament basketball opportunities and a handful of clinics and camps every year. However some athletes simply prefer an option to train and work on their game in a smaller group and a more flexible schedule that fits their individual needs. This allows them to stay fit and prepare for other groups outside of what Journeyman provides. For this we offer SELECT TRAINING.

Here is how training “works”!

All training is posted on the Journeyman calendar on our site. If training is not posted there, it has been canceled or was never scheduled. In order to continue to promote responsibility we train our athletes to keep an eye on this calendar. Many of our athletes are so use to checking this that they have got into a habit of checking it before every event to ensure a venue or time has not been changed.

If you want to train with our staff, 2018 will bring a new training program.

1. Personal or Individual Training. This is 1 on 1 or 1 on 2. You must first e-mail us at and be specific about your training needs or allow us to work with your aspiring athlete with a traditional fundamental plan.

2. Small Group Training. Our new plan for 2018 will include 45 minute non-stop workouts every Sunday from 11:00A to 11:45A. (holidays and rare occasions may be canceled) These will be aggressive fast paced drills that emphasize solid stretching an aggressive, competitive attitude. Drills will involve game speed shooting, dribbling and overall strength.

Athletes that attend training with our staff will develop all of their basketball skills – ball handling, footwork, shooting, passing, and other key fundamental areas of improvement. SELECT staff members immerse you in the sport, giving you the kind of focused, intensive instruction that is essential for improvement. Over the course of the training, we will encourage your athletes self-confidence and encourage aggressive play. Parents, if your child is athletically inclined, or needs help in getting in better physical shape, or needs to learn the value of work ethic, self-discipline, practice, and self-confidence, then contact us regarding these training sessions.

Eligibility – We often train athletes that range in age from 8 to 18! Those interested should simply exchange e-mails with us at

What to bring:
– Basketball sneakers with non-marking sole
– Your own means of hydration