We Need You!

Journeyman Basketball (501C3) is looking for Refs in order to officiate there basketball games year round. The Board of Directors is prepared to offer the following in trade for services provided by those who officiate games.

      1. $15 per game ($10 if you are a student) for the first three games you officiate with us provided you are not a patched (certified) official. These three games will be used as a probationary period or try-out. After that the board of directors will decide if you will remain in the program. They will use the following criteria to judge your performance:
        • Punctuality
        • Knowledge of the game
          • Patience with the athletes
        • Ability to adjust to Journeyman concepts
      2. Volunteer officials must agree to a 1 hour course with a patched official and Journeyman representative.
      3. $20 per game for those qualified students officiating for the program. Or raised to $25 if you become PREFERRED.
      4. $25 per game for those qualified adults officiating for the program. Or raised to $30 if you become PREFERRED.
    1. $40 per game for patched (certified) officials.
    2. 10% discount on Journeyman sessions, camp and clinics for sons, daughters, brothers, sisters or self. (when officiating 8 or more games in a session)

NOTE: $5 “layover pay” for those officiating games with more than a 20 minute wait period.

  1. We ask that all receiving compensation from Journeyman accept payment of services no more often bi-weekly.

NOTE: Journeyman Basketball continues to try to find ways to defer costs. Those qualified officials that provide services at a discounted rate will receive preferential treatment.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must have proper officiating philosophy that will advance the Journeyman Basketball concept as determined by a JAC designee via an interview process and probationary games officiated.
  2. Must read and understand or agree to follow:
    • JPA Contract
    • Parents Code of Conduct
    • Journeyman Dress Code
  3. Must be able to provide own transportation.

Other Information Required

All those in the program must be ready to provide the following:

  • Address
  • Telephone
  • SSN (if earning more than $600 in a year)

NOTE: Journeyman Basketball is a 501C3 non-profit organization that follows all rules and guidelines required by the IRS in order to protect tax exempt status. Funds earned through Journeyman Basketball over the course of the year exceeding $600 must be reported as income and Journeyman must have all pertinent information to fill out a 1099.

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