Alexander J. Price

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2016

Alex “AP” Price officially started his Journeyman career in the Fall of 2006 but as many current staff know he was playing with us long before that. We are pretty sure he was filling in as a junior division player when he was only 7 years old. In 10 years as an active Journeyman Alex has only missed 2 sessions. (28 sessions!) Alex’s love for basketball through the years to come helped shape Journeyman into what it is today.
Alex’s personal achievements include JJE-22 and SJE-46 Larry Bird Winner, JJE-25 and SJE-36 Team Leader, JJE-32 and SJE-36, SJE-37 All-Star MVP, JJE-35 and SJE-39 Championship Game MVP, SJE-43 Senior Co-MVP with Colby Wilson, SJE-44 2014 Vinny Award & SJE-44 and SJE-47 Most Valuable Player. Alex was recognized in 37th session for his dedication and care of the program by Coaching Staff and won day 4 MVP of 2000Shots camp on 2011. In April of that same year Alex became the 4th President of the JPA. As president he assisted and organized community service projects, approved financial assistance for fellow athletes, provided worthy organizations with financial help and represented all athletes in the program as a passionate enthusiastic president.
Alex also accumulated 70 Career Double-Doubles placing him #1 all time in this category along with finishing #1 all time in Point System Points (PSP), Points Scored, Free Throws Made, 2pt Field Goals Made, Games Played and Player of the game honors. Alex will finish his career 2nd all time in 3 pointers made, 3rd in Career Assists, 6th in Steals and 6th in Blocked Shots. Alex will also finish his career with 24 All-Star appearances. He is also #1 all-time in this category.

These outstanding individual achievements already listed are only a small part of Alex’s career with the program. Look through the stands at any Journeyman game and you will most likely see a parent of an athlete coached by Alex. Alex passion for this sport and concern for his team is second to none. Alex coached numerous teams in the program and won a solid handful championships as a Division1 coach. All the characteristics mentioned and his success earned Alex Coach of the Session in our 43rd, 44th & 47th session. To date no coach but Alex has earned this honor 3 times. It was no surprise that when the Journeyman SELECT Travel Team needed a coach Alex was #1 on that list. Alex and his team won the first tournament they entered in 2016 and had a great season.

As a staff we encourage Alex to continue to be a part of the organization he helped shape. Athletes on his team have only benefitted from his love of the sport. His concern, involvement, integrity and teamsmanship will be truly missed. John Wooden said, “ What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.” Alex, you are a great player but you are a far better person. Attack everything you do with you passion for basketball and you will have everything you ever need in life. We would like to also mention that Alex is being inducted as a Player and Coach…. Yes, the first to be inducted as both.

Please join us in congratulating Alexander J. Price, a True Journeyman.