Andrew C. Degen

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2023

Strong player development and continued improvement are words that can describe the beginning of a great careen for Andrew C. Degen. Give us a moment while we share with you a great Journeyman career filled with great memories.

Andrews time with Journeyman is truly impressive. He is among a small group of athletes that had a career that spanned 9 years! But to remember his career is witnessing great improvement. We can almost remember the time it seemed like something “clicked” and that was all it took. This is normally the time they start smiling and being the first in the gym. Like many Journeymen before him, he supported community service projects and assisted with numerous tasks to assist the program. Andrew assisted in statistical work, officiating and helping ensure the facilities we leased were good order. But he didn’t stop there. His passion for the game was shared with many younger players as Andrew also coached younger divisions. Meeting Andrew’s request to coach was an easy decision. You knew he was going to be involved, be vocal, motivate and encourage his players to perform at their best.

Some of Andrew’s individual achievements include, Journeyman’s 50th Session Most Improved Player Award, JJE-50 Division 2 CE Coffey Award Winner co-recipient, SJE-65 Senior Division Championship Game Most Valuable Player, Achieved 20 Career Double Doubles, Has earned Player of the Game honors 16 times and has been a YAMO All-Star 10 times!

Andrews impressive tenure with SELECT Travel Basketball spanned nearly 60 games! During his development as a player SELECT staff saw the need to add his defensive pressure, his work ethic, ability to grab key possessions and his concern for his teammates. With this Andrew added passion. His care for the teams goals were evident. Andrew’s ability to score from nearly anywhere, provide superior week-side defense, dribble in the toughest and smallest of areas was truly admirable.

Andrew… Scramble Degs, because of your concern for others, your passion for the sport and your steady dedication and commitment we award you with our highest honor. Please take these qualities to future teams, places of employment and groups you associate with. They will all benefit from what you provide and be fortunate for your involvement. Know that your Journeyman home is here and the doors to the gym are open. Please join us in congratulating Andrew Degen, a true Journeyman.