Benjamin Doucette

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2015

In the Winter of 2010 Journeyman Basketball was fortunate to have Benjamin Doucette join their Junior division roster. This addition made coaching enthusiasm and effort easier because, when a young man such as Ben demonstrated these qualities regularly in front of the group many felt the need to match it. When it comes to enthusiasm, few can match Ben ‘Douce’ Doucette’s exuberance and team spirit. In his 13 sessions, Ben pumped up his teammates and brought boundless energy to the game. His support of his teammates and newcomers is legendary. Ben’s weak side defense and timely 3-point shots turned momentum on more than one occasion. Ben’s presence in the gym was felt even when he wasn’t playing. He was amongst the first to volunteer with statistics and continuously encouraged and supported younger players from the bench. This encouragement, support and dedication to the Journeyman Program was recognized by the Coaching Staff during the 37th session. Ben’s individual achievements include: 2011 2000Shots 4th quarter Day MVP and SJE-44 Team Leader Award. At the point of induction, Ben has achieved 2 Career Double Doubles and received Player of the Game honors 10 times. We hope Ben will visit Journeyman often and share his enthusiasm for the game with future players.

Please join us in congratulating Ben Doucette, a True Journeyman.