Charles Austin

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2014

Charlie Austin started his career in Journeyman in the summer of 2006 and was quite the firecracker! In his first session in D2, he shot 43%, scored nearly 7 points per game and had 252 PSP, well above the average and better than players older than he. These incredible skills led to Charlie being recognized as the 2006 Journeyman Basketball Rookie of the Year but as we would all see, this was just the beginning. Although his quiet demeanor would lead some to underestimate him, he continued to successfully perform. With each session, Charlie seemed stronger and tougher than the one before. Charlie earned the nickname “the bionic man” because he could overcome any hardship with superhuman effort and his never-ending hustle to chase down any loose ball. It was this hustle that led staff members to refer to “Charlie Points,” modeled after the Celtics “Tommy Points,” to acknowledge players who showed great work ethic and went above and beyond. Charlie inspired others to give 100% by his efforts to keep the ball in play and his team in the game. His dedication and consistency was recognized repeatedly by earning the Larry Bird award three times (JJE-19, JJE-23 and SJE-32). He inspired hard work in others as well by serving as a D1 coach, pushing his team to play every game like a championship game. He coached with quiet enthusiasm, patience, and a can-do it attitude. Charlie’s other individual achievements include: SJE-28 6th Man Award Winner, named to Blue Collar Crew for 2000 Shots Camp 2009, 2000 Shots Day 4 MVP in 2009, SJE-32 Senior Division Team Leader Award, and SJE-38 Senior Division Best Defensive Player. At the point of his induction, Charlie will be ranked #10 in career steals, tied for #8 in All-Star appearances, and is tied for #7 in Player of the Game Honors receiving this recognition 30 times in his career. Charlie’s hustle, integrity, superior effort and camaraderie will be long remembered and as previously mentioned referenced as a hallmark of effort for sessions to come. Please join us in congratulating Charlie Austin, a true Journeyman.