Charles Coffey

Status: Coach/Staff Induction Date: April, 2007

In 1994, JP Sanborn was invited to coach a Stratham Recreation Basketball by then Coach Charlie Coffey. JP would continue to volunteer his time with Charlie for the next few years. It was this invite that rekindled JP’s interest in coaching. Charlie Coffey was then invited to be a member of an organization that was being lead by JP and assembled by friends to coach young aspiring athletes the fundamentals of basketball in a pressure free environment. This became Journeyman Basketball. Over the next 8 years Charlie Coffey would remain a strong hand in volunteer work and a leader in ensuring follow through within the organization. His strong sense for organization and keeping politics away from the sport made him perfect for our youth. These qualities would also make him the number one candidate to succeed Stephen Drelick as Vice President of Journeyman. In the early days of Journeyman he had son’s involved in the organization. Yet after they all moved on past Journeyman he would remain a vital part of the group. His dedication to his favorite group, Division 2, was unrivaled. Charlie would rush many miles from work to dedicate his time to a great group of young athletes on a regular basis. Many athletes would ask, “[i]s Coach Coffey coming?” This continuously ensured us that we had the right guy around our kids and few kids understood that Coach held down two jobs and family responsibilities. He treated each Journeyman with respect and gave each the attention they deserved. Whenever we were in a jam for an official or a substitute coach for the night, Charlie never failed us, not once. It is for these reasons that the players and the board of directors wish to acknowledge him. Please Join us in congratulating Coach Charlie Coffey, a true Journeyman.