Christopher R. Loch

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2018

Chris started his Journeyman career in June of 2008. An unassuming guard at the time finished his first season with a whopping 60 PSP and scoring a total of 17points.. for the entire session. We had no idea that 2100 more were on the way. In addition to that he added being 3rd all-time in Point System Points, 2nd in blocked shots, 7th in career assists, 3rd in steals, 3rd in games played, 2nd in career double doubles, 3rd in All-Star appearances and 1st in rebounds. Chris always showed an admiration for his teammates, encouraged younger payers and helped motivate them to attack the task at hand. During Chris’s 10 plus year commitment to the program he grew as an athlete and as a teammate. Furthermore his commitment to his physical readiness outside our gym is among the best we have seen. He will be remembered for his compassion for his fellow Journeyman and his high flying assaults on the rim. Chris’s individual achievements include JJE-29 Division 2 Championship Game MVP, JJE-29 Division 2 All-Star Game MVP, he was recognized for his dedication to the program during Journeyman’s 37th Session by the Coaching Staff, Journeyman’s 39th and 41st Session Team Leader Award recipient, SJE-50 Senior Division Most Valuable Player co-recipient, SJE-50 Senior Division Championship Game MVP, SJE-51 Senior Division Most Valuable Player, SJE-55 Senior Division Best Defensive Player, he has achieved 3 Career Triple Doubles, 62 Career Double Doubles and has received Player of the Game honors 31 times. When teammates requested Chris as a teammate they weren’t just looking for his points, and rebounds, they were looking for his great attitude and friendship as well. He was a superior teammate and a solid volunteer that understood the values in community service projects. Chris attended the vast majority of such projects and dedicated his attention to the tasks at hand. We hope he understands his value to the program and visits us whenever he can. Please join us in congratulating Christopher Loch, a True Journeyman.