Cody Grube

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

Please listen for a moment about a Journeyman career based on work ethic, ultimate teamsmanship and effort. We at Journeyman are speaking of Cody Grube.

Cody first laced up his sneakers for Journeyman in January of 2015. Primarily a D1 and Senior Division player through his career, Cody quickly placed himself among Journeyman’s elite. When it came to harassing defense and effort, his name was quickly referenced. Weak side steals and tireless court coverage made opposing offenses second guess nearly every decision when facing his teams. However when speaking about Cody one word primarily comes to mind… efficiency. Cody was never a player to arbitrarily loft up shots, make errant passes or ever ask questions regarding records or statistical measure. Cody broke down his game more carefully. He looked for high percentage shots and cared not who they came from. Cody’s own career 2 point field goal percentage places him among Journeyman’s finest to have ever played in our program.

Cody always understood Journeyman’s philosophies and never had an issue with rules or guidelines set by the staff. Instead he just applied himself and never gave less than he was capable of.

Some of Cody’s individual achievements in Journeyman include, 4 All-Star appearances, winning the Larry Bird Award in his first session as a Journeyman (45th Session), SJE-56 Senior Division Championship Game MVP and SJE-59 CE Coffey Award Winner. He would win this award again in his final session as a Journeyman during our 61st session in 2021. He achieved his first career Triple Double in SJE-56. He adds 12 career Double Doubles and has received Player of the Game honors 22 times.

When Journeyman coaches work with youth in the future they will undoubtedly share experiences they had with Cody. Explain that when Cody faced adversity he simply worked harder. When he wanted something, he worked for it.

Cody, our gym is your gym. Please accept this Hall of Fame trophy as a token of our appreciation for the effort you gave and the teamsmanship you always carried. We appreciate you and what you represent. Please join us in congratulating Cody Grube, a true Journeyman.