Connor Welts

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2022

Top notch concern for the program, unrivaled dedication and superior commitment are just two ways to describe the Journeyman career of Connor Welts.

Some of Connor’s individual achievements include, JJE-45 Division 2 Larry Bird Award Winner, 5 Time Journeyman All-Star, achieved 10 Career Double Doubles and Connor has earned Player of the Game honors 18 times.

Hall of Fame careers go beyond statistical achievement. They are careers that represent support, teammsmanship and top notch concern for the program our athletes represent. And although Connor had some truly impressive statistics, this is just what his was. Connor could be found at community service projects, assisting in practices from the lower divisions, executing statistical tracking at the stat bench for all divisions and supporting camps and clinics held by the program. Connor provided support when evaluating program rule changes and documentation and even helped officiate scrimmages and games. Even past Connor’s eligibility to participate, he continues to visit and volunteer providing top notch support of the program.

Connors playing career was equally impressive. Conner was a key contributor to the success of our SELECT travel program. It was her that established himself as a solid defender and tremendous passer. Connor could always be counted on to make the best decision for the team and put his personal agenda aside. Teammates were always welcoming of his skill and his contribution to travel basketball. Within the Journeyman program he exhibited thses skills as well as a strong support of players with less skill level than him. Qualities like these will make our staff continue to use his name when promoting the support of your teammates.

Connor, your qualities in unselfishness, concern and dedication make you an easy choice for our hallowed Hall of Fame. Please continue to grace us with your pressence at any event in the future. Newer Journeyman and JHAWKS will be reminded of your commitment and support of the program . Please join us in congratulating Connor Welts, a true Journeyman.