Conor Considine

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, moral uprightness. This is the written definition of integrity. It is also a suitable way to best describe Conor Considine and a decade of Journeyman experiences with him.

January of 2011 was the date. The Considine family, already familiar with Journeyman, decided it was time for Conor to have the chance to display his worth. And in two short years he would display MVP type qualities. Qualities such as unselfish passing skills, a strong desire to win and intense defensive effort. Conor invested in the value of the spread more than the score. Not easily motivated by his team’s offensive prowess he could be found applying defensive pressure nearly as his team’s shot dropped through the basket. Conor also displayed some of the best passing abilities ever seen in Journeyman in over 22 years. He averaged more than 4 assists per game in 7 sessions. Only 2 Journeyman have ever accomplished this feat. During Journeyman practices you would hear Conor shout “call for the ball” or “hustle”! And of course, these are simple fundamental qualities he practiced. This ultimate practice player always set the tone and always applied game speed during drills at practice. Undoubtedly because Conor understood the value of training and practicing. And his game results were even more impressive.

Conor’s contributions did not stop at the sideline. He proved his full dedication to Journeyman by volunteering for community service projects, coaching and counseling for the program whenever he could. Conor shared his high basketball IQ with many young Journeymen through his involvement with younger divisions, camps, clinics and the SELECT program. Conor would assist head coaching staff with younger SELECT divisional practices and free clinics. His leadership qualities and appreciation for defense would make him an easy choice as a team captain for SELECT travel basketball. This leadership and aggressiveness assisted SELECT in winning back to back Zero Gravity state championships in 2018 and 2019.

Conor’s support of the program he invested in for more than 10 years is hard to match. There are many stories of Conor’s support and recommendations for others to give Journeyman a shot, and others of him defending what we stand for and who we are.

Conor’s individual career achievements include, 9 All-Star appearances, JJE-40 Division2 Championship Game MVP, All-Star Game MVP and Team Leader Award recipient, JJE-41 Division2 All-Star Game MVP,  JJE-47 Division1 Most Valuable player and All-Star Game MVP co-recipient, SJE-48 Senior Division 6th Man Award Winner, SJE-52 Senior Division Best Defensive Player co-recipient, SJE-55 Senior Division Most valuable Player and SJE-61 Team Leader Award Recipient. Conor achieved 3 career triple doubles, 5 career double doubles and received Player of the Game honors 19 times. Conor will finish 10th all-time in games played, 10th in PSP and 4th in assists.

Journeyman will forever be grateful for his contributions, his strong appreciation for his teammates and his continued proven unselfishness. In his absence his leadership will be hard to match and his character even more so. The Hall of Fame is the best individual achievement we can bestow upon him but in trade for his contributions, we received the better half of the deal. Conor, please understand how much we appreciate your steadfast character and visit us when it fits your schedule. He helped us build who we are today and for that, we are forever grateful. Please Join us in congratulating Conor Considine, true Journeyman.