Diego Garcia

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2022

Journeyman recognizes a career of unmatched on-court effort, superior defense and great integrity. We at Journeyman speak of Diego Garcia.

Nearly eight years is the length of time that Journeyman staff have had the pleasure of witnessing Diego’s career with the program. It was in this time that we were able to notice great effort and work ethic. Although an above average scorer, we must allow Diego to be remembered as an all-time top defender. We all know that scoring wizardry and great moves are easily noticed by those who attend Journeyman games but know this, defense never gets the credit it deserves and retaining points is as equally important as scoring them. Diego’s ability to help teams work on the spread rather than the score us nearly unrivaled. His ability to wear down an opponent helped us re-write the definition in Best Defensive Player. It was qualities like these that made him a great teammate and athlete in the Journeyman program and the SELECT travel program. Diego should also he recognized as a solid finisher around the basket in traffic and while heavily defended. And furthermore, as a player always dedicated to his own improvement.
In addition, Diego was eloquently spoken and displayed great character during his time with the program. He easily grasped Journeyman’s teamwork philosophies and always put his teammates first. There are few that cared for their team’s success as much as you.

Some of Diego’s individual achievements include, JJE-47 Division 1 Best Defensive Player, JJE-50 Division 1 Most Valuable Player, SJE-53 Senior Division Best Defensive Player, SJE-61 Senior Division Championship Game Most Valuable Player, 5 All-Star Game appearances, 3 Career Triple Doubles making him 3rd all time for accomplishing this feat, 12 Career Double Doubles, finishes in the top 5% in all-time PSP and Diego has received Player of the Game honors 19 times.

Current coaches and future coaches have a great responsibility to teach all aspects of the game. Not just the ones that put points on the board, and you, Diego, make this job far easier to explain. Your contributions to defense and on court effort helped shape many drills and practice plans. These plans will shape future players in the program for years to come. Please feel free to come back and visit us when you can. Please join us in congratulating Diego Garcia, a true Journeyman.