Drew Neville

Status: Player Induction Date: June, 2006

This Journeyman participated in 10 teamwork sessions between 2002 and 2005. During his time as a Journeyman he was awarded the Larry Bird Award for his hard work and dedication to the team for JJE-9, SJE-10 and SJE-12. He was also the 6th Man Award Winner for SJE-16. He was listed in 3 of the 10 statistical top ten categories at the point of induction into the Hall of Fame. He placed himself 8th in games played, 5th in free throws made and 8th in total rebounds.

In understanding what Journeyman is about you will understand what Drew did for us in his time with our organization. Drew dedicated his time to others doing stats, cleaning up or whatever was asked of him on a regular basis. He always had a great attitude and was a joy to be around. Drew may have made a reputation of being a jokester but when it was game time few put forth the hustle that he did.

When I picture a player diving for a lose ball or sacrificing his body for a play, it is Drew that comes to mind. His dedication to the team and understanding of what a Journeyman is should be admired by inspiring young players to come. We hope that Drew will remain a part of our special functions and alumni games to come. After all, Drew was one of many that helped make this program what it is today. Hold you head high and understand that you were special to the organization Drew.

Thank you for being a part of what we do. Please join us in congratulating Drew Neville, a true Journeyman.