Edward N. Bowers

Status: Official Induction Date: November, 2016

While working on a new project more than 10 years ago with former Vice president Steve Drelick Journeyman Basketball Staff were fortunate to meet Nick Bowers of Salem. Nick was an official in their weekly men’s leagues. In the years following Journeyman would call upon Nick to officiate games for our program. With a busy schedule, 3 kids and living in Salem, Nick made time to take the journey to Exeter, Stratham, Portsmouth and many other locations to facilitate Journeyman’s needs weekly. On short notice Nick was always ready to fill in to support the program. Nick has officiated hundreds of games for our program over the past 10 years. He has done so with solid follow-through, great integrity and an admirable understanding of the game he shows passion for. He has been a solid resource for staff when researching rule changes and helped many of us learn and understand the all aspects in regards to officiating the game. He has mentored younger officials in training and been a solid part of what we do at Journeyman. We might add that Nick is the first official in the history of the program to be inducted. We hope Nick continues to be part of the program in the years to come. Please join us in congratulating Edward N. Bowers, a True Journeyman.