Gage Karlin

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

When the tenured staff of Journeyman Basketball think of persistence, commitment and dedication we think of Gage Karlin.

We were first introduced to Gage through his involvement in our TrueChampion training program in 2012. Gage made every effort to work on his fundamental skill by registering for nearly all TrueChampion events. Whether they were about fundamentals or strength and conditioning, Gage was there. He made his mark on the group quickly by giving no less than he was capable and showing an attention to detail like no other.

Gage began his Journeyman career in June of 2013. From that date Gage would only miss three sessions over an eight year span placing him in Journeyman top ten of all-time in games played. However the number of games is not nearly as relevant as the effort he applied over nearly 250 games. This effort and desire to win often made him a top choice when selecting teams for the Senior Division.

Much like his involvement in TrueChampion, Gage gave that same commitment to Journeyman. He participated with numerous SELECT travel basketball teams to include a Zero Gravity State Championship. Gage understood the need for volunteer work and was always prepared to give back to the program through community service and coaching younger divisions. Younger players benefitted from his passion and knowledge of the sport.

Gage’s individual career achievements include, 7 career double doubles, 21 Player of the Game performances, JJE-40 Division2 6th Man Award Winner and he was voted to the All-Star team on 6 occasions.

When reviewing what being a Journeyman means it’s clear to see that Gage represents this program in the ways that are most important. Treat the game with respect, show appreciation for your opponents, the officials, the staff and your teammates. Never give less than you are capable and consistently be part of the solution.

For his integrity, honesty, effort and unselfishness we present him with our highest achievement. We hope he continues to be a part of a program he represented so well.

Please Join us in congratulating Gage Karlin, true Journeyman.