Heidi Price

Status: Staff Induction Date: March, 2016

The Journeyman Basketball organization and Player’s Association proudly induct Heidi Price into the Journeyman Basketball Hall of Fame. The Price family joined our organization in the Fall of 2005 when eldest son Josh was added to the roster. The following year they would add yet another iconic Journeyman. During Heidi’s time with the program she has assisted in countless ways to include statistics, board meetings, fundraisers, community service projects, logistics, pro-shop sales, policy change, tournament schedules, web update and so much more. These needed tasks, though critical to Journeyman’s success, can not measure up to her true concern for all athletes involved. It is estimated that since the addition of the Price duo that Heidi has been involved in more than 2000 games. She did this with no concern of what was in it for her but I am sure she is grateful for having a front row seat to watch the young athletes she has encouraged daily. Surrounding our athletes with dedication and commitment such as Heidi’s make our gym a stronger and safer place. Her donation of time in the gym may only just match the time she spends behind the scenes promoting the program and communicating with parents about important Journeyman opportunities and answering general questions. The program continues to succeed but only because of the unselfish acts of those committed to our mission statement and Heidi, unquestionably understands and represents all that we stand for. For her strong commitment, amazing loyalty, unwavering support and selfless dedication, Journeyman and their athletes owe her the highest gratitude.