Jack Knollmeyer

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2013

Jack or “Magic Jack” began his Journeyman career late 2007. His dedication to his team and his unbelievable work ethic was immediately established and would never be questioned. In an organization that rewards work ethic, dedication and character Jack was instantly among the elite. If ever a loose ball the only question was who was going to follow Jack to it. The organization would be hard pressed to find a harder working presence on the low post and in regards to hustle in general. Jacks dedication to community service projects was evident and Jack even coached Division 1 teams and assisted with camp counseling when his schedule allowed.
Jack’s individual achievements include JJE-26 D1 Championship Game MVP, SJE-33 Larry Bird Award Winner after being runner-up for the award 5 consecutive sessions before it! He also achieved 7 career double doubles and received Player of the Game honors 13 times.
We hope that Jack continues to be a supporter of the organization. The work ethic he demonstrated is something future Journeyman can benefit from.

A great player, a true character, Please join us in congratulating Jack Knollmeyer, a true Journeyman.