Jacob Lentz

Status: Player Induction Date: September, 2008

In 2002 Jacob “Jake” Lentz joined the organization as a great spirited young player. We had no idea that his contributions over the next six years would help establish Journeyman as the fine organization that it is today. From JPA events, parades and marketing assistance, Jake was always there offering whatever assistance he could. He was always involved with whatever Journeyman was planning and giving his opinion on how to make it better. Jake also assisted with our girls program, the J-Hawks, when needed. There are a lot of good things to say about Jake and his supportive family. Most of all he showed character and commitment whenever he was called upon and he never disappointed us. Jake can also be proud of the fact that he was one of the few players that had the ability to take their game to the next level when it was truly needed. On a number of times over a six year career with the program, Jake was the leading factor in his team’s ability to overcome large deficits. Either hitting a big three-pointer or stealing the ball consecutively, Jake knew when to put his foot down.  He was calm and collected when it was needed and loud and rowdy when he believed he needed to be. Jake’s statistical and special achievements include: #8 all time in point system points, #5 in points scored, #1 in free-throws made, #7 in two point field goals, #3 in games played, #9 in rebounds and still holds the record for most consecutive free-throws made in game situation without a miss with 17. Jake was the Larry Bird Award winner for JJE-7, JJE-8, JJE-10, JJE-12, JJE-15, SJE-18, and SJE-21, Team Leader Award recipient for SJE-25, awarded the Wireless Zone Dedication and Commitment Award for 2005 for his unselfishness and dedication to the Journeyman Basketball program, earned Honorable Volunteer Jacket summer 2005, named to first ever Journeyman 1-week camp August 14th 2006 due to superior Journeyman attitude and has earned Player of the Game honors 16 times. Players like Jake are a huge benefit to this organization. We hope Jake is proud of what he accomplished while he was here. Furthermore we hope he continues to attack his new tasks in life with the same character and commitment he showed Journeyman. He leaves us with good memories of his journey. Jake will be truly missed.