John Carmilia

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2016

In the Fall of 2011 Journeyman was introduced to John Carmilia. John instantly adapted to Journeyman philosophies and dedicated his spare time the program in a multitude of ways. John typically would show up a game early or stay late to support the teams before or after him with help at the stat bench or wherever Journeyman staff needed him most. John was always ready to volunteer for community service projects a even coached a Journeyman team when it fit his schedule. Although his concern for the program and his teammates and coaches were extremely evident John may be most known for another important attribute. John Carmilia may be one of the best role players in Journeyman history. John’s ability to rebound provide many leading scorers the ball has often got overlooked. Many key scoring plays were preceded by the work of John, determined to get the ball and smart enough to get it in the right hands immediately. Not only was John a superior rebounder but he was also a s solid, relentless low post defender. Many of guards changed their line of attack when they looked up and saw John. John’s individual achievements include D1 Championship Game MVP during JJE-40 and his superior effort will place him #8 all-time in rebounding and #6 all time in blocked shots. These defensive Point System Points will keep him near the top 20 all time in overall PSP. John’s ability to adapt to Journeyman’s system so quickly combined with his undeniable effort make him a great role model for the younger divisions. Although he may not lead the team in scoring, he is a great example of providing hard work fully utilizing the skills he possesses for the ultimate benefit of his team. Few have encouraged their teammates more and represented Journeyman in such positive light. We encourage John to continue to be part of this program and grace us with his presence in years to come so we can use him as an example for younger athletes.

Please join us in congratulating John Carmilia, a True Journeyman.