John L. Gagnon

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2017

The assignment of nicknames in Journeyman used to be a regular act of the staffs attention to its players. But we must confess that John L. Gagnon didn’t get his from this program. Yet this might be the one nickname that is so synonymous with Journeyman that at this point many younger Journeyman don’t know who John Gagnon is. So let’s let’s have fun with this. John, Johnny joined us in the Winter of 2011. This nimble, fast guard was reserved at first. Being a great team player you could easily credit some teammates success to the unselfishness of his. Johnny applied himself to numerous tasks on a basketball court. There was never any one area that he applied the most focus but yet could easily be responsible for making great plays in all aspects of the game. A great pass, unbelievable rebound against a giant in which he seemed to levitate, deep three pointer, coordinated yet obscure finish around the basket and the list goes on. But know this, there may never have been a time where Johnny didn’t finish in the top 5 in All-Star votes leading to 11 All-Star appearances. This unquestionably because Johnny always earned the respect of his teammates. Many a Journeyman displayed a look of gratitude when they found out that there team roster included his name. Johnny’s individual achievements include, the second player to be hired by Journeyman Basketball as a direct result of solid work ethic and great character, he was 2000 Shots Best Shooter in August of 2015, recognized for outstanding dedication to the program August of 2015, SJE-46 & SJE-48 Larry Bird Award Winner, SJE-048 Vinny Award recipient for superior all around play March 18, 2016 and SJE-52 C.E. Coffey Award Winner. Johnny achieved 10 Career Double Doubles and has earned Player of the Game honors 27 times. Johnny will also finish in the top 15 players all time in three point field goals made, free throw made, steals, assists, points scored and total PSP.

What Johnny has achieved as a Journeyman is simply the shadow pf what he has done for Journeyman. Many younger athletes in the past years have requested his presence at camps, clinics and other events. This undoubtedly because they felt more comfortable when surrounded by his attitude and support. Our very own Select travel team considers him a vital part of what we do and simply won’t stop talking about him until he agrees to join them in their travels to other towns. Johnny always did what he could regardless of what was in it for him making him the ultimate Journeyman. So back to this nick name. Many are shaking the head because they know who he is but there are a few in D2 and possibly a few in D1 who only know him as Johnny Cupcakes. Many Seniors and D1 players are proudly displaying a cupcake on their jersey this session to thank him for all he’s done. Johnny, this gym is yours. Be welcome here. We are a better place when you are here. Please join us in congratulating Johnny “Cupcakes” Gagnon a true Journeyman.