John Riggie

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

We would like you all to join us in celebrating a special Journeyman career. A career that almost spans a decade. This career is that of John Riggie.
John started participating in Journeyman events in 2012. He quickly established himself as a dedicated Journeyman participating in community service events, assisting in the gym and taking advantage of all Journeyman had to offer. An underrated zone defender, John would get the weak side steal leading to another teammates’ successful lay-up. His attitude and spirit and encouragement of his teammates would ultimately make Journeyman a better place. In the building process of an impressive 350 game performance, John would often be the catalyst of an impressive team run of the main reason for an opposing teams’ time-out. His energy during these contests was inferior to none ultimately leading to other teammates’ success. Robert Ingersol said, “We rise by lifting others.” Well anyone who has watched John pay has seen this. John would be the one encouraging a younger developing player to shoot or simply persevere through adversity.
Some of John’s impressive personal achievements include 12 All-Star appearances, JJE-48 Division 1 All-Star Game MVP and SJE-60 Team Leader Award recipient. In 2018 John was recognized by the program for outstanding perimeter shooting receiving an award commemorating this achievement. John achieved 4 career double doubles and received Player of the Game honors 25 times. In addition to this John will finish 10th all-time in career assists, 9th in scoring, 8th all-time in Point system points and 2nd in 3 point field goals made. John, we appreciate your commitment to the program, your team, teammates and your craft. Know your infectious energy will forever be appreciated in our gym, and consider this gym your home, where you are welcome anytime.
Journeyman will base many team huddle conversations with the experiences shared with John. We were fortunate that he chose to be a Journeyman for so many years. We hope he understands his full impact on the program and hope he feels welcome in our gym whenever he chooses to visit. Please join us in congratulating John Riggie, a true Journeyman.