Joseph Benevento

Status: Player Induction Date: November, 2007

This record setting Journeyman has participated in 15 teamwork sessions and displayed every single quality we look for in a Journeyman. Most of all he demonstrated consistency better than any player in the 9 year history of the program. Joe’s idea of a bad game was shooting 4 for 10 and only pulling down 10 rebounds. If you reviewed the stats of over half the Journeymen that ever played, that would be a good game. Even better than his valued, consistent contributions to the team’s goals was the great attitude he displayed and his support of the program he helped establish. Only a handful of us remember the incredible selflessness he showed when he held a birthday party for himself with Reid Grott and instead of gifts, he requested that people bring donations for Journeyman’s effort to raise money for Autism. Joe always supported our events and participated in alumni games when he could. His support and volunteer work earned him the honorable Journeyman Jacket in 2006. It was this unselfishness that made him a prime candidate as lead camp counselor at our summer camps. In his tour as a Journeyman he acquired many individual achievements. In 2004 Joe was the Atkinson Graphics Shoot Around Champ with teammate Reid Grott during 2nd Annual Alumni Skills Competition. Joe was the Most Valuable Player for JJE-12 and SJE-18, the Best Defensive Player for JJE-8, JJE-9 JJE-12 and SJE-22, Larry Bird Award for JJE-8, JJE-13, SJE-15 and SJE-17, All-Star MVP scoring a career high 42 points and pulling down 18 rebounds in SJE-17, he was also the All-Star Game MVP for SJE-23. On top of that he was #1 in double doubles at the point of induction with 48. Other records include #1 FGM with 781, #1 in FTM with 316, #1 in Rebounds with 1,472 and #1 in PSP, with no close second, with 4,439. He also was #2 in Steals with 472, #2 in Blocked Shots with 188, #2 all time in Scoring with 1,932 points, #5 in Games Played with 150 and #6 in Assists with 375. All of that hard work doesn’t cast a shadow as to what he has meant to the program and the Board of Directors. Consistency and memorable double doubles was his trademark. I can only hope that he continues to support us when he can and participate in alumni games when he is home from college.  In the future, players will be statistically compared to Joe, but there is no question in our mind that no one can be compared to Joe in regards to dedication, commitment and respect for this great game.