Joseph Lavery

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2016

Within days after Joe joined the program it was easy to see what this young man was going to be known for. Every loose ball and every 50/50 play was going to be dominated by Joe. When we think of work ethic, hustle, energy and effort the staff of Journeyman will always think of “Sloppy Joe” Lavery. The word sloppy is only to suggest Joe was ready to do anything to get the ball, often leading to a pile of players on the floor. But there was no question that at the bottom for the pile Joe had the ball. Joe was one of the best defenders off and on the ball, harassing those with offensive skill and making them pass the ball is where Joe earned his reputation. This reputation made Joe an easy selection by leading scorers of Journeyman. You see, they wanted Joe on their team. This was the only way to ensure Joe was not going to defend them. Joe’s work ethic and dedication to the program started in the Fall of 2011 and never missed a beat competing in 17 straight Journeyman sessions. In these 17 sessions he became an example of solid work, impressive volunteerism and superior leadership with few that could match his incredible energy. “Let’s Go!” was heard nearly every time Joe’s team was making a comeback and most of these comebacks started with a Lavery mid-court-steal. Joe encouraged every teammate in hopes that they too would give everything they had. Younger divisions were often amazed by the example Joe set. Ultimately this made things easier for practice coaches, they see Joe do it… they feel they should. Joe’s individual achievements include JJE-36 and SJE-45 Team Leader Award Winner, he was recognized by Journeyman Staff for his dedication to the program during the 37th session and was the SJE-39 & SJE-40 Most Valuable Volunteer. When Journeyman staff speak of effort in the future we have no question that Joe Lavery’s name will continue to pop up over and over again. The staff also hopes that Joe understands how important effort is and the impact that it made during his 6 years with the program. Joe, few have worked as hard as you and this organization holds you in high regard for this effort. Please continue to visit Journeyman as your home but also so we can use you as an example that our athletes require.

Please join us in congratulating Joseph Lavery, a True Journeyman.