Justin Wass

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

Justin “J” Wass began his Journeyman career in the winter of 2012. This quiet dedicated player took little time adapting to Journeyman concepts. To be honest, most likely because such concepts were already there. Justin was often the first in the gym putting up shots pre-game to the last one out assisting staff with program organizing and clean-up. As a multisport athlete, Justin was committed to his team and attitude was always superior. Reserved and often quite quiet he let his game do the talking. Although recognized for his accurate perimeter attack his rebounding was often overlooked. In 22 years of Journeyman’s existence we have seen very few rebounding guards as effective as Justin. He rarely missed a community service event or a game and could often be seen at the stat bench supporting other divisions. He supported team objectives with no drama, no personal attention to self and made it a point to always support his coach, his team and the program.
Justin’s impressive personal achievements include a whopping 16 All-Star appearances, JJE-48 Division 1 Larry Bird Award Winner, JJE-49 Division 1 Most Valuable Player, Allied Session 51 Finals Game MVP and in 2017 Justin received the coveted Vinny Award. This award not easily attained is achieved by superior all-around play in all aspects of the game. In 2018 he was recognized by the program for outstanding perimeter shooting receiving an award commemorating this achievement. In 2017 Just attempted 79 3 point field goals connecting on an impressive 42! (53%) It doesn’t stop there. Justin was also SJE-53 Championship game MVP, SJE-56 All-Star Game MVP, SJE-59 Tournament Point Leader and Most Valuable Player. In addition to these impressive achievements Justin adds being a member of a 2nd and 3rd ranked State of New Hampshire team. Ultimately becoming a two-time Zero Gravity State Champion in 2018 and 2019 as a member of NH SELECT.
Justin’s career stats include 35 Double Doubles and was named Player of the Game 42 times making him 2nd all-time in receiving this achievement. He will finish 9th all-time in steals, 6th in all-star appearances, 5th in rebounds, 5th in assists, 4th in 2pt field goals made, 3rd in free-throws made, 2nd in point system points, 2nd in scoring, 2nd in games played and #1 all-time in 3pt field goals made while retaining an overall average finishing in the top 3 with over 100 games played.
Justin, know your unbelievable dedication to your craft, calm demeanor, humility and outstanding dedication to your team will forever be appreciated in our gym. Growing companies, future teams and those wishing to be part of a successful venture should seek your resume. You exemplified the best of Journeyman during your time with us. Please consider our gym your home. Please join us in congratulating Justin Wass, a true Journeyman.