Karyn Loch

Status: Staff Induction Date: August, 2011

The Journeyman Player’s Association and Board of Directors proudly induct Karyn Loch into the Journeyman Basketball Hall of Fame. In August of 2007 Karyn and her family joined our organization. Her interest in her boys’ future and character was apparent and Journeyman benefitted from it almost instantly. Karyn took on tedious tasks often set aside by current staff and completed them with professionalism and pride. As time passed she became involved in volunteer communication with parents, uniform duties, assisted in volunteer function, helped plan group gatherings staff functions and became a regular at the stat bench. When her oldest son was in his third session she was already a regular behind a stat sheet cheering on not only her boys but all others as well. Like many staff members in Journeyman her concern was for all that participated and can be heard boasting positive cheer for individuals in all divisions. Karyn’s genuine concern for Journeyman’s future is apparent, her dedication paramount and her continued attendance requested and positively anticipated. Organizations like Journeyman cannot survive without the assistance of hard working individuals like Karyn. The Journeymen and J-Hawks will tell you they are lucky to have her and can only hope that she remains with us. We can only hope that she fully understands how much she is appreciated and admired in the eyes of our staff and players. Please join us in congratulating Karyn Loch, a true Journeyman.