Matthew Bozek

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2015

Matt “Boze” Bozek started his Journeyman career in the winter of 2008. No one knew his quiet, well mannered young man would compete in an amazing 200 games before he hung up the Journeyman high-tops. In Matt’s first year he made the BlueCollar Crew for 2000Shots Camp, this being an acknowledgement of his hard work and dedication. As a D2 player, Matt earned the Team Leader Award in just his 3rd session and D2 Most Valuable Player in his 4th. He played 12 consecutive sessions, participating in a total of 19 sessions and 200 games, placing him 10th all time for total games played. Matt quietly but consistently demonstrated strong effort and a desire to improve his game while becoming a strong shooter, with a field goal percentage above 50 half way through his final session.  In addition to the awards previously mentioned, Matt’s individual achievements include: SJE-38 Senior Division 6th Man Award Winner, and SJE-44 All-Star Game MVP. In Matt’s final session he would again demonstrate his scoring wizardry by connecting on a record breaking 8 consecutive 3 point shots on his way to a 36 point performance and more importantly a win for his team. At the point of induction “Boze” was named Player of the Game 34* times, an achievement that places him 5th currently on the top 10 list for this recognition and has accumulated 16* Career Double Double. Also his dedication to the program over 7 years made him an easy selection as a counselor for our 2000Shots camp in his final year as an active Journeyman athlete. We hope Boze continues to demonstrate his passion for basketball wherever his journey takes him.

Please join us in congratulating Matt Bozek, a True Journeyman.