Matthew McConnell

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

Although nearly impossible to cover the many great contributions and attributes of Matthew McConnell, Journeyman will make a solid effort.

A Journeyman career that covers nearly a decade, and numerous individual achievements is simply a shadow to his great character.

In June of 2012 this small unassuming guard would take no time in establishing himself as a smart and unselfish player. He wasn’t going to lead in blocks and rebounds so he applied himself as a selective guard making every effort to assist his team in the ways he could. It was not until his 3rd session in 2013 that he would earn MVP honors.

Matt’s game is composed of many great attributes. Out of more that 2,500 players you do not become #1 All-Time in steals and assists by chance. It takes a love for the game and an understanding of defense and unselfishness to achieve this, and well, he’s got it. Matt would tell you, he broke some records and played some pretty good basketball. This only proving humility was one of them. Matt continuously spoke well of his teammates and was often the loudest cheering on rookies of the program. Journeyman may have provided him an outlet to succeed but it was Matt who achieved this accomplishment with his work ethic and dedication. These all traits that have followed the McConnell name at Journeyman.

Matt took part in numerous counseling opportunities and was a major contributor to the Primetime Scoring and 2000Shots programs. Matt used this opportunity to support younger players and their quest of improving their game.

Matthew’s individual career achievements include, JJE-40 Division2 Most Valuable Player, JJE-45 Division1 All-Star Game MVP, 2015 Skills Challenge Champion, Division1 3 Point Champion during Alumni skills events 2015, JJE-46 Team Leader Award winner, JJE-47 Division1 All-Star Game MVP co-recipient, JJE-48 Division1 Most Valuable Player SJE-51 Senior Division CE Coffey Award Winner co-recipient, SJE-51 Senior Division CHampionship Game MVP, SJE-52 Senior Division Team Leader Award Winner, SJE-55 Senior Division Tournament Point Leader, 2018 Summer Session Vinny Award Recipient and SJE-61 Senior Division Most Valuable Player. Matt would earn this award breaking a 2 year old session total PSP record and a 9 year old assist record. Matt was a member of a two-time State Championship SELECT team while leading the team in tournament scoring and finishing second in assists. He will finish 7th all-time in 3 point field goals made, 6th in games played, 3rd in total points, 2nd in free-throws made, 2nd in total career PSP and 1st in steals and assists. Matt will also set the highest PSP per game average in a session in program history leading his team in every statistical category including all shooting percentages. This extremely high PSP session would include a 104 PSP game performance in August of 2021 breaking an 18 year old record. He achieved 3 career triple doubles, 23 double doubles and received Player of the Game honors 31 times. Lastly, Matt made the All-Star roster 12 times.

Matthew, thank you for your humility, honesty, integrity, teamsmanship and countless contributions to the program. Our gym is your gym. We know there are great things in store for your future if you approach new jobs, new teams and new tasks the same way you approached basketball and Journeyman. Your appreciation for the game will be hard to top, the memories you provided us with and friendship even more so. Please Join us in congratulating Matthew McConnell, true Journeyman.