Maxwell Rose

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2019

Max Rose began his Journeyman career in the Fall of 2009. He started as an undersized and reserved athlete, who was immediately recognized for his unselfishness, and ability to play defense. This was no surprise to Journeyman staff as older brother Brandon shared these same values. Max’s improvement in his early Division 2 sessions created a bar that he himself would continue to set. Coaches would often use Max as an example in all divisions when explaining the values of being a 2-way-player and as Max’s career with the program advanced he would never disappoint.

As Max got older, he stayed quiet on the bench and on the court. After all, Max didn’t have to speak his game did all the talking. Max’s ability to force turnovers on and off the ball were second to none. Max understood the importance of team defense, and knew the stats related to defense didn’t share nearly as much value as fundamental footwork. Quite simply put, Max’s defensive IQ was often in the forefront of his teams success. Make no mistake, everyone in the gym knew what facing a team lead by Max meant. They had to develop a plan to take care of the ball and know that Max was going to challenge himself and guard their teams top scorer.

Max had a very rare gift of being a quiet leader. He would play so hard, and so unselfish, others would want to follow the example he set. Towards the end of his career, Max took an even greater leadership role, often calling timeouts and making sure swing players, and developing athletes felt included and supported. When there was a huge lead or deficit, Max would draw up plays for athletes who didn’t score much to score, showing even more of his impressive leadership. This is the reason he achieved the Team Leader award SJE-58, in his last session.

Max’s individual achievements include earning Best Defensive Player in JJE 32 and Division 2 Most Valuable Player JJE 35. He was named Division 1 Allstar game MVP in JJE 39 and 41. Max was awarded the 6th man award in SJE 44 and received the prestigious Vinny Award due to his all-around ability in SJE 49. Max will end his career with 9 Double Doubles and has earned Player of the Game 35 times, which ties him for 6th all time. Max would also end his career 10th place all-time in steals.

Max always grasped a solid understanding in Journeyman’s message. He took part in numerous community service events, became a volunteer counselor at Sacred Heart and was always concerned for his teammates. Max, your ability to play great defense, and be an unselfish teammate will be used for many examples in the future. Please understand this gym is your gym, and you are welcome anytime. Please join us in congratulating Max Rose, a True Journeyman.