Michael Rockwood

Status: Coach/Staff Induction Date: September, 2008

For his commitment and devotion to the program, the Journeyman Player’s Association proudly inducts Michael Rockwood into the Journeyman Basketball Hall of Fame. Michael joined the organization as a parent and fan in 2001. He sat in the stands watching his older son Matthew rip down rebounds and waited patiently for his younger son Henry to get some playing time. Nearly 5000 PSP later, between his two sons, we graciously induct Michael for his contributions during that fine journey. In 2007 Michael became a member of the Journeyman Basketball Board of Directors. His dedication at that time was paramount. He would also take on responsibilities as treasurer at that time due to his experience in such affairs. With a keen eye on our accounts he would help us push forward into 2008, our 9th year. Along with his commitment to the board Mike took on a strong responsibility as a Division 2 game coach. It was here that it was apparent that we had made a great choice in adding him to the team. Michael has a crystal clear passion for the game and strong devotion to the team he adopts. While on the bench Mike absorbs all the stress of the team and filters it into controlled motivation and positive reinforcement. He always acts as though the kids are his own. He has often referred to a few as being his third son such as Bryan “logo boy” Cassidy. In Journeyman’s existence we can’t honestly say that there are few like him. Yes his personality and attitude is admired and unique, but we have had our share of devoted and kind hearted volunteers. But we can say this, Michael’s care of his players is top notch, his concern for the program second to none and he is viewed by others as an icon of the program. Michael, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you, and we hope this token of our appreciation helps you understand what you mean to us. Please join us in congratulating Michael Rockwood, a true Journeyman.