Morgan Coad

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2017

During the Summer session of 2011 Journeyman would be fortunate enough to meet a young man by the name of Morgan Coad. This above average scorer and superb passer had a knack for getting to the rim.  His speed and quickness were the best attributes to his game but his manors, concern for others and focus on the task at hand would be the characteristics he would be known for in his character. Throughout his career Morgan has always been able to understand the characteristics of a Journeyman. Now Journeyman can’t get credit for this these qualities were already instilled undoubtedly by his family.  But let it be known that Morgan’s character is among the best we’ve seen. Early in Morgan’s career with the program his leadership skill was top notch. Morgan always believed his team had a chance and furthermore extended that belief to his teammates regularly while encouraging them and celebrating their success. These qualities mentioned can not be statistically measured but are qualities no team can do without.

Like all who make the jump from division1 to the Senior Division Morgan’s scoring output would slow down. The competition is tougher and and the athletes are taller. But instantly Morgan found something to “hang his hat on”…. defense. The focus Morgan used to use to lead his team was clearly redirected to shutting down opposing teams top scorers. It has been mentioned on many occasion that Morgan was a player you simply couldn’t stand…. unless he was on your team. As bad as that sounds, good defensive players understand it all too well. Morgan again applied strengths that can’t be measured statistically while having a profound effect on his team’s success. Morgan’s individual achievements include, JJE-35 and JJE-40 Team Leader Award Recipient and SJE 46, 48 and 51 Best Defensive Player. Morgan has also achieved 6 career Double Doubles and received player of the game 17 times.

Morgan is an inspiring example of hard work. He is a dedicated teammate and an example of a deeper understanding of what a team needs to win. Ask any coach and I am sure they will tell you solid defense and leadership skills are rare and yet Morgan has both. Morgan, please understand that the gym Journeyman occupies is yours. Feel comfortable stopping by whenever your schedule allows without warning. Please join us in congratulating Morgan Coad, a True Journeyman.