Nicholas Dawkins

Status: Player Induction Date: November, 2006

This Journeyman participated in 10 teamwork sessions between 2003 and 2006. During his time as a Journeyman he was awarded the Most Improved Player Award for SJE-16, Was SJE-19’s Most Valuable Player and during that session was awarded Championship Game MVP and All-Star MVP. Nick was the only player in Journeyman’s history at that time to accomplish all three MVP distinctions in one session.

During SJE-16 he also set the record for most points in a single session with 260 points while setting the record for most point system points in a single session with 510. Nick was the play-maker that lead his team to the best Senior record of 10 wins and 1 loss during SJE-19. Nick was also categorized in all 10 of the top tens category of all time at the point of induction. He placed 2nd in PSP, 3rd in career points, 2nd in rebounds, 7th in assists, 3rd in blocked shots, 8th in free throws made, 3rd in 3 point field goals, 3rd in 2 point field goals, 8th in steals and 6th in games played. Nick’s consistency placed him 1st in double doubles with 44 at the point of induction and 43 of those were achieved in the Senior division. He also recorded a triple double on November 17th of 2006.

Nick’s statistical achievements are surpassed by his competitiveness and ability get to the basket. He frustrated the opposition with difficult match-ups. Many teams struggled guarding the tall guard. Perhaps Nick’s most memorable moments involve his smooth coordinated ability to change direction mid air with scoop shots or reverse spins on the ball to achieve a tough two points.

More importantly was Nick’s transition as a player and as a person through his Journeyman years. His dedication to the program over his last year of eligibility was unmatched. Many Division 2 players were relaxed in knowing that Nick was coaching them for the night. He displayed a friendly and positive attitude around impressionable youth while composing himself with true concern to win during game time.,/p>

Nick walked off the court in his last Journeyman game as a Champion. More importantly he left as a solid contributor to a program he helped establish. Journeyman is a better program because he was involved and we hope that he is proud of his achievements. We hope that Nick stays involved in the program for years to come. Please join us in congratulating Nicholas Dawkins, a true Journeyman.