Philip J. Hansen

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2015

When Journeyman think of great teammates and speak of them in favorable terminology, the name Philip “PJ” Hansen is always on the top of their list. PJ is a classic and as classy a big man as you will ever find on any Journeyman roster over the past 16 years. PJ’s has an average field goal percentage of an astonishing 50% in his 14 sessions. We might also mention that he did not accomplish this with just lay-ups. Journeyman would be hard pressed to find a better 10-12 foot jump shooter in the very distant past. Yet this above average shooting pales in comparison to his solid character. Let’s also mention his rebounding, which by the end of this session will have him as the number one rebounder in Journeyman history with more than 1700 in his career! Many great scorers in Journeyman’s past owe PJ their gratitude for providing them with these opportunities. Skills like this along with a superior attitude have made him a sought after player by teammates and coaches alike. As a young player, PJ participated in many service projects and demonstrated dedication to the Journeyman program. As a D2 player, PJ earned MVP, Best Defensive Player and All-Star Game MVP in the same session JJE-25. He was also a member of Journeyman’s Travel Team winning the 2010 NHYA Tournament. In addition to these awards, PJ earned a Division 1 Championship Game MVP and session MVP in session JJE-29. He was named Senior Division Best Defensive Player in SJE-41. PJ capitalized on a great Journeyman career by taking home the MVP award in his final session out of more than 60 local athletes while pushing his team to a championship appearance. At the point of induction, PJ is number 4 in total career blocks, #2 in Career Double Doubles with 50, and as mentioned #1 in Career Rebounds. He has been named Player of the Game 28 times. Phil’s leadership, ability, and love for the game is admired and hopefully will continue well into the future.

Please join us in congratulating Philip Hansen, a true Journeyman.