Reece J. Rogers

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2023

Integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, moral uprightness. Unselfishness, the quality or fact of thinking about what is good for other people rather than yourself. I was thinking of a word that represented Reece J. Rogers and realized there were many. I chose 2. Please entertain us for a moment while we hi-light a great human being.

Recognizing a player with a Hall of Fame achievement is bitter sweet. It means you have the chance to recognize outstanding character and commitment but it also means they are no longer eligible to participate in games other than alumni, and Reece will be truly missed.

I will start with some individual achievement so the term “save the best for last” truly applies. Reece’s individual achievements include, SJE-59 Senior Division 6th Man Award Winner, Achieved 1st Career Triple Double JJE-49 ultimately becoming #1 all time in this achievement, SJE-62 Senior Division CE Coffey Award Winner, SJE-64 Senior Division Championship Game Most Valuable Player, SJE-65 Senior Division Tournament Point Leader, SJE-65 Senior Division Most Valuable Player, SJE-66 Senior Division Tournament Point Leader, Achieved 32 Career Double Doubles, has earned Player of the Game honors 17 times and has been a YAMO All-Star 10 times. Reece also ranks 4th all time in PSP efficiency in a single session.

Now, the good stuff.

In the summer of 2005 a this reserved guard joined our roster. He played with a competitive nature without allowing it to hinder his teams objectives or character. He applied himself for the betterment of the team and encouraged teammates to do the same. He did this while always remaining calm and focused. You see Reece has the ability to make an extremely strong impact on a teams success. More importantly he can move on from tough losses or setbacks, and focus on the goals ahead. Don’t let this fool you, his desire to win is with the best that have ever played for the program. However he won’t let the loss deter him from the focus needed for the next step.

Reece provided our program with some truly great memories, in SELECT, our travel basketball and the Journeyman sessions. This 9th grade state champ was admired by his teammates and coaching staff. He never complained and was ready to knock down the tasks assigned to him with a strong degree of unselfishness. Furthermore as a player coach, he always afforded all of his teammates a great opportunity to succeed putting them above himself.

Reece, always remember that the Journeyman gym is yours. Attend Journeyman events when they fit your schedule so we can share your great moral qualities and athletic ability with our younger athletes. We are truly fortunate to have had you as a key member of the program for many years. Please join us in congratulating Reece J. Rogers, a true Journeyman.