Rio Franzoso

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2023

We would like to recognize a Journeyman and JHAWK career that that emphasized teamsmanship, effort and dedication at a level comparable to few. A career with the program that included many individual achievements, continued volunteer work, friendships and support of her teammates like no other. We are speaking of Rio Franzoso.
To get the full picture you would have to go back to the summer of 2015. Young Rio made two baskets in her first season and slowly turned it into nearly 400! To say she was a top JHAWK in her career is just not enough. Rio was one of less than 15 girls that participated in the boys divisions as well. Like a true Franzoso she played with passion, work ethic and tenacity, never… ever…. putting herself above the team. She quickly understood “the Journeyman Way” and became a resource for younger players trying to discover it. And after watching her play, staff knew she was the right one to do it.
Some of Rio’s individual achievements in the program include, J-Hawk’s 52nd Session Team Leader Award Winner, JJE-53 Division 2 CE Coffey Award Winner, JHE-55 J-Hawks Tournament Point Leader, JHE-55 J-Hawks Most Valuable Player, JHE-56 J-Hawks Tournament Point Leader, JHE-56 J-Hawks Championship Game Most Valuable Player, JHE-56 J-Hawks Most Valuable Player, J-Hawk’s 58th Session Team Leader Award Winner and JHE-59 J-Hawks Tournament Point Leader.
Rio adds 5 All-Star appearances, 16 Career Double Doubles and has earned Player of the Game honors 22 times

To this very day you can walk in the gym on any given night, D2, JHAWKS, NETS, D1, Seniors and see her sitting at the stat bench cheering on athletes she only just met. But it doesn’t stop there! She was always active working with the JPA to organize ort plan community service events and coach JHAWK teams. Many young JHAWKS would see her name on the prospective coaching list and make a quick request to be on her team.
Rio, we care for you dearly and have been blessed to have you in the gym for so many years. But we are also selfish so please come home to your program often. The standards you set in effort, concern and support for teammates and dedication to your Journeyman and JHAWKS families have set a high bar for future athletes to aspire to. We will forever appreciate what you represent. Please join us in congratulating Rio Franzoso, a true Journeyman.