Ryan England

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

In January of 2014 Journeyman Basketball was fortunate enough to get the addition of a truly dedicated and crafty young basketball enthusiast. We are speaking of Ryan England.

Although he started like most, as simply a player on the roster he quickly established himself as a leader in community service and set a high standard for giving back to the program. Ryan participated in community service events and even assisted Journeyman with projects outside of traditional community service postings. His true contributions of community service can not be easily topped even when looking at a complete list of a full history of Journeyman players.

On the court he established himself as one of the most creative passers in Journeyman history. Images of him picking apart a zone defense will forever be placed in the heads of numerous Journeyman coaches. He completely understood the value of a good pass and many teammates received the benefits of this great passing. Effort and IQ like this is one of many reasons he reached MVP status. Nearly every session Ryan competed in (16 total) he finished in the top 10 in assists and more than half of those in the top 4.

Ryan’s individual career achievements include, 6 All-Star appearances, JJE-44 D2 Larry Bird Award WInner, JJE-44 Most improved player, 2000Shots Day 3 MVP in 2015, JJE-47 D2 Most Valuable Player, JJE-48 D1 6th Man Award Winner, JJE-51 D1 CE Coffey Award Winner, JJE-52 D1 Championship Game MVP and SJE-61 Senior Division 6th Man Award Winner. Ryan adds, 18 career double doubles and he has received Player of the Game honors 25 times.

Thank you Ryan, for sharing your great court IQ, your unwavering community service and your on court efforts. We will share our experiences with many Journeymen over the years ahead. When speaking on unselfishness and a true team understanding, your name will be used. Please join us in congratulating Ryan England, a true Journeyman.