Ryan Foley

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2017

Ryan Foley started his career with Journeyman in the Winter of 2012. Instantly you could see that he enjoyed what he was doing. This is evident also considering that in over 150 games played it is estimated he has missed less than six. Now combine this with watching him play and it all makes sense. Ryan will simply do whatever he can to win a game for him and his teammates. Ryan will finish his career in Journeyman 10th in blocked shots, 4th in double doubles and 4th in rebounds. This low post effort was never in question. Like a small handful of Journeymen before him it was difficult to stop him when he was on a mission. After a miss there might be no one who can stop him regularly when he was preparing to put it back. Rest assured that Ryan was not going to rest until the score. Ryan also met you on the defensive end with the same effort. Many guards in Journeyman were successful from beyond the arch because defenses focused on trying to find ways to stop the hard working Foley. We have no doubt that there is a correlation between good three point shooting teams and seeing Ryan on the post of those same teams. Ryan’s individual achievements include JJE-37 Division1 6th Man Award Winner, JJE-41 Division1 Larry Bird Award Winner and SJE-47 Senior Division All-Star Game MVP. Ryan has achieved 45 career Double Double and has earned Player of the Game honors 22 times.

We all know that being a Journeyman is more than basketball and Ryan didn’t disappoint us here either. Ryan attended many community service projects during his time with the program and applied the same work ethic there as well. We have no doubt that this strength will serve him well in his challenges that lie ahead. Furthermore we are sure that the coaching staff will use Ryan as an example when teaching kids to apply themselves and give all they have. Although Ryan is moving on we hope he will continue to visit the program and feel comfortable around the program that he was a shining example in. Please join us in congratulating Ryan Foley, a true Journeyman.