Sam Knollmeyer

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2014

Sam “Chucky” Knollmeyer began his career in 2007 and was recognized as a 6th Man Award Winner in his first session, but to those who knew him in his later career, he was always an MVP. Sam was one of the most sought after players to be on a team and one of the most feared as an opponent, by players and coaches. Sam would get the rebound on one end of the court and race to score on the other before defenders knew what hit them. Everyone in the gym knew that if Sam had the ball, it would be difficult to stop him from scoring. Although a top scorer, he was not selfish, encouraging his teammates to take the lead and making incredible passes when you least expected; a fact backed up by his being #10 in Career Assists. While he was a fierce rival and a superior athlete, other players looked up to Sam and welcomed his competitiveness. Many players felt that Sam’s efforts made them play at a higher level. Sam shared his enthusiasm for basketball through coaching junior divisions and showed his dedication for the Journeyman Program by participating in fundraisers and community service projects. His infectious smile and level of play was always a highlight in the gym for numerous sessions. Sam’s individual accomplishments include: Day 1 MVP of Summer Camp 08, member of Journeyman’s Travel Team winning the 2010 NHYA Tournament, four time Senior Division MVP (SJE-34, SJE-37, SJE-38, and SJE-40), Senior Championship Game MVP SJE-38, Senior Division All-Star MVP SJE-40, achieved 27 career double-doubles, and received POG Honors 28 times. At the point of induction, Sam is ranked #10 in career assists, #5 in career steals, #5 in total free throws made, #5 in 2-point field goals, tied for #4 in career triple doubles, and earned POG honors 28 times, tying him for #10. Sam’s all around game is something that all athletes can aspire to and his strong character and disposition has had a positive impact and will continue to do so. Please join us in congratulating Sam Knollmeyer, a true Journeyman.