Tristan Comeau

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2021

Firey, aggressive, passionate and dedicated. Who did you think of? We thought of Tristan Comeau. These qualities and a few others made him a popular choice when Senior Divisions would meet for team selection.

Tristan started his Journeyman career in September of 2014 and though our SELECT program finished in 2020. Quickly established as a perimeter guard, he became a true threat from the three point line and often even deeper. Although not a stranger to driving to the basket, Tristan often made it difficult for defenders to understand his next move. Establishing himself as a perimeter shooter, defenders could be caught guarding him a bit too close. At this point Tristan would apply his quick first step leading to a high percentage lay-up. Tristan never backed down from a challenge and often shined in more difficult or less than favorable situations. In addition to these qualities coaches found themselves benefiting from his high free-throw percentage. Ask a few coaches about this underrated skill. They will agree it is easy to appreciate in modern basketball.

Tristan’s individual career achievements include, 2000Shots Top Free-Throw Shooter in August of 2015, JJE-46 Division1 All-Star Game MVP, JJE-47 Division1 Larry Bird Award Winner, Co-Recipient of the SJE- 51 Senior Division CE Coffey Award and SJE-56 Senior Division Most Valuable Player. Tristan was a member of a two-time State Championship SELECT team who provided a huge spark with aggressive play earning him the game ball in the first of these two championships. He will finish 3rd all-time in three pointers made, 4th in free-throws made and 5th in career scoring. Tristan adds 6 career double doubles and has received player of the game honors 21 times. Additionally Tristan made the All-Star roster 9 times.

Tristan, thank you for some memorable moments, late game heroics and the effort you gave the teams you served. We appreciate your improvement through your many years with the program and hope you visit us when you can. Please Join us in congratulating Tritan Comeau, true Journeyman.