William Robertson Hanson

Status: Player Induction Date: April, 2007

This fine Journeyman has participated in 10 teamwork sessions. And every game he played, every game he officiated, every meeting he held, every 3 pointer he hit, made Journeyman a great place to be. In the entire organization, Journeyman might have four or five people as dedicated as he, but even less with as much integrity and follow through.

As Vice President of the JPA he ensured that follow-through became the trademark of their organization. It was for reasons like this he was chosen as the President. Once Robbie was at the helm, the players recognized a sense of leadership and community involvement that would be the revelation the JPA needed to become a community star.

He displayed character and cheerful attitude every night he played. Throughout his career, fellow Journeyman would make requests to be on his team. He made people feel comfortable and insured them that they were part of the team no matter the statistical contribution.

In the beginning years of Journeyman we wanted to develop a reputation of being involved in the community, with players representing themselves as responsible adults that understood commitment and the true benefits of teamwork as it relates to life and basketball. I think it is no coincidence that after Robbie joined the roster, it was much easier for us to do this.

He displayed leadership skills that would separate him from many athletes. As a player he acquired many individual achievements. In our 12th session Robbie earned the 6th Man Award and was the All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player. He received the Team Leader Award in consecutive sessions SJE-15 and SJE-16 and then again in SJE-21. He was awarded Most Improved Player during SJE-19. His solid work ethic and dedication to the program and his team, earned him the Larry Bird Award in SJE-20. These same qualities and a much improved game also made him a leading nominee for MVP for 2 consecutive sessions. Robbie also earned his Honorable Volunteer Jacket in 2005. He did this after being associated with the program for a little over a year. After his last game as an active player he walked off the court finishing 8th all time in games played and 3rd in three point field goals and the 21st session’s 3rd leading scorer. But consistency and continual improvement was his trademark. In SJE-21, his last session, he posted career highs in field goals made, free throws made, free throw percentage, steals, rebounds, assists, points, and point system points toping his last session by almost 100psp.

He strived on being a team player and always put his team goals ahead of his own. What more could you ask out of a Journeyman? On top of all of his hard work, I’m not sure even the organization understands how much he has done for the progress of Journeyman — simply by being there. I’m sure Robbie himself doesn’t truly understand. He has bonded with the organization in ways that we would never expect. He can never be replaced.

We only hope he continues his success in life and that many more people get the distinct pleasure of being associated with such a fine individual. Please join us in congratulating Robbie Hanson, a true Journeyman.