“Character, Commitment, Community”
Our three pillars of responsibility

What good is any athlete without the first two of the above traits? And what good is an individual without respect and involvement of the third. Journeyman wants to help all players develop a solid foundation in all three areas.

“What matters is how you play TODAY”

We expect each player to show up on time ready for each new practice, ready to learn something new and ready to work for his or her team. We put aside whatever happened yesterday, good or bad, and start anew. We all work towards improving a players ability and attitude. No one brings his or her “A” game everyday, but everyone can put forth their best effort daily.

In the Beginning

In 1993 JP Sanborn returned to the seacoast after serving in the US Navy following operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm and the Liberation of Kuwait. In the years following he was asked to become a volunteer at Stratham Memorial School and share his basketball experiences. In 1998, through this volunteer work, his passion and approach to the game made him a target for some concerned parents from the area. Their concern was regarding the number of kids that were going to try out for middle school basketball and the number of rosters spots available. He was asked if he could provide an option for those that may not make the team. In the months following the request, JP would speak with good friend Charlie Goodwin of Stratham about the possibility of simply instructing a few kids through fundamental improvement. In 1999, After securing a gymnasium one night per week JP and Charlie started working with area youth.
In these early years the growth of Journeyman Basketball was solely dependent upon word of mouth and the word was good. Journeyman would see its fair share of truly dedicated volunteers. These volunteers included all staff in the early years. Even JP Sanborn at then nearly 30 hours a week, did not receive a stipend until 2005 and Charlie Coffey was unpaid for nearly his first three years and Vin Benevento was a devoted volunteer.  JP, Charlie and Vin had full-time jobs requiring more than 40 hours and conducted Journeyman after their long workday. JP, Charlie Coffey and Vin gave time, resources and financial assistance to get the program running as a legitimate 501C3 non-profit organization.
Although a slow start Journeyman Basketball grew from 14 athletes in 1999 to 45 in 2002 and now sessions carry a roster of 160 to 200 student athletes per session, three times per year.

Countless volunteers, sponsors and families have made Journeyman Basketball succeed. Please join us for the years ahead.