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We’ve collected the top “most-asked” questions and answered them below. If you don’t find your answer below, please feel free to reach out to us by sending an e-mail to info@journeymanbasketball.com.

Remember that although Journeyman teaches commitment and wishes that athletes commit themselves to a team, we do understand other commitments as well. The Journeyman schedule is normally pretty flexible and does not often interfere with other programs. Our weekend meet times and late evenings normally works. Also keep in mind that athletes in the Journeyman program only meet 3-4 times every two weeks and share gym time with other teams in their division. We only ask that athletes communicate as they would at a place of employment regarding expected absences.

When you register for an event online, your name or email address is added to our contact list. Keep in mind that if you change your e-mail address without notifying us, then you will fail to received the information you requested. If you want to be on this list without registering for any event please visit this link.

This image answers a lot of questions regarding sschedules.


Special Note:

If your assigned division is meeting on any evening you may attend and work through our drills and instruction during the practice section of the evening, you will not be able to participate in the game portion unless your team is playing.

From 9 years of age through the summer following their Senior their high school. After this point they may participate in alumni games and events.

Journeyman Basketball strives to keep our fees to a minimum, while at the same time, ensuring a quality experience for every player. Registration fees cover our gym costs (we do have to pay facilities an hourly and daily rate for the school gyms), many insurance plans, equipment, officials, website and software fees (store), and uniform replacement/repair. There are many other small costs but these are some major ones. Only key staff receive a stipend from the organization. Also a few staff members receive a small stipend for some of the extra work they do that supports the organization, dependent upon board approval. To this date there is no employee that makes more than $15 per hour annually for their time and NO ONE GETS PAID TO COACH A TEAM OR RECORD STATISTICS!

$5 in dues was added to the cost of registration. This money goes to the Journeyman Players’ Association. The JPA, is responsible for allocating them to various local charities or causes. The JPA solicits ideas from the players (all divisions) and then sees to it that the donations are made within that session’s time frame. To date, under the current President’s tenure, the Journeyman Players’ Association has donated over $35,000 to local organizations. Please refer to the Players’ Association page on our website for details. Journeyman Basketball strives to teach our players not only basketball skills but LIFE skills. Giving back to the local community that has done so much to support us is one way for the players to adhere to the organization’s motto, “Character, Commitment, Community.”

COMMITMENT. He must remain committed to the organization. He can do this by simply checking out the site during his break from the team. Future sessions are normally posted online before the current one ends. Once a session is full, it will read “SOLD OUT” on the sites store. Considering the growth of the program we recommend that they sign up the night of the awards ceremony by showing up to support their teammates and friends. There are also e-mail reminders sent about signing up for upcoming session. Please watch for such reminders.

Yes. Our camps are open to all interested on a first come first serve basis. We do recommend you take these opportunities to get a feel for the program and see if it is what you are looking for. Simple remember to pay attention to e-mails sent from our online software regarding such events.

Ability, age, program needs, roster space, commitment, communication and confidence. Journeyman believes that confidence is a huge factor in your young athletes development. Moving up simply because of a player’s age is not acceptable to the program guidelines. He must be able to adapt to the surroundings of the more advanced group while not impeding the progress of that group. Players that feel they are ready should approach the head coach and verbally express these interests. We realize that this is hard for a lot of younger players, however we are trying to teach them to speak for themselves. This communication is not mandatory in order to advance, it’s simply encouraged. Coaches make these decisions with two main factors in mind. Your player’s ability and the room in the division your son wishes to advance to. Often a player is ready to advance but there is no room in the next division. Once a player advances to the next division he can not return to the lower division. Again confidence is key.

Rest assured that the head coaches know what the teams records are. A win or a loss does not always reflect a team’s ability. Trades are not made due to attendance issues. This means we will not make a trade because one of the team’s best scorers never shows up. Commitment! Also, understand that the coaches have great lines of communication. If they believe their team is not playing to their full potential, they want the opportunity to get that potential out of them. Adding a better scorer or rebounder to their team can often send the wrong message. If you’re losing we’ll bail you out. We use different forms of motivation to revitalize a team. Give us the opportunity to make them proud of themselves.

Communication. Simply communicating this information using the website or sending an e-mail to info@journeymanbasketball.com would have been sufficient in order to retain his playing time. We also understand that these issues can arise on short notice. Yet we still must enforce our rules in regards to an athlete making solid attempts to communicate with his team about his absence. This communication must come from the player. Again, we are teaching responsibility and character. Also refer to the JPA contract that your son signed before participating in Journeyman games.

Locations are easily found on our online calendar. We primarily use SAU16 schools such as the Stratham Cooperative Middle School, Lincoln Street School, Community Campus in Portsmouth, Sacred Heart School in Hampton and the Exeter High School.

Please do not look at this as a punishment! Journeyman players simply show their dedication to the team when conducting this small athletic action on their part. Those that struggle to do 2 sprints and 20 push ups may need this more than they think.