Both my boys have been playing in Journeyman Basketball for about a year. This program has made such a huge impact not only on the... Read more

Journeyman Basketball is one of life's wonderful childhood experiences. The coaches build you up, cheer you on & make you strive to be the best... Read more

Hi, Not sure which coach this email goes to but just wanted to let you all know the Butenas boys are taking the Fall off... Read more

The luck of the Irish was with us the day we discovered Journeyman-J-Hawk basketball. All five of us in the family love everything about this... Read more

My daughter just finished her second session with J-Hawks. Her confidence and knowledge of the game has grown thru your wonderful approach to teaching. You... Read more

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When I first signed my son up for the program I thought it was just another opportunity for him to play basketball. After the first... Read more

Hi Jeff and JP, thanks again. You guys have a great program. From the drills, to the games, to teaching them to give something back... Read more

Thanks again for all you do. This is without question the best league we have ever seen in all the sports the kids have done... Read more

...All of a sudden I see this journeymanbasketball.com page. I thought, this sounds familiar. Sure enough it was the same website that I saw Ryan... Read more

My son has been a Journeyman for two years, In those two years not only has his basketball game improved, but so has his self-confidence.... Read more

Journeyman has been a wonderful program and experience for our son. The program is simple - the kids get instructive practice time, they get a... Read more

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Just a quick thank you for providing a great camp experience for both Pat and Jack. Not only did they enjoy themselves, but they improved... Read more

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The ceremony last night was terrific! I think you know that I am very proud of Joe. A father could not ask to be blessed... Read more

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Thank you both (Coach Coffey & Coach Rockwood) so much for your kind words. It meant the world to me. Being divorced, sometimes you wonder... Read more

I have realized after being away from home, that I just really never got to thank you for everything you have done for me in... Read more