JHAWKS / NETS(Girls Program)

J-HAWKS Up and Running!

JHAWKS formerly Nets, was born in 2005. We wish to thank the many people that help us get this started and those that made history by participating. Special thanks to our own Kelsey Leonard (*HOF) for her many years of superior play and dedication to our message. If you are interested and need more information, e-mail us at info@journeymanbasketball.com. Volunteers often operate this response tool so allow up to 48 hours for a response.



The Summer of 2023 will mark the return of the NETS program. This program is for high-school-aged girls wishing to supplement their fundamental growth as students of this great game. Just like JHAWKS fundamental training and game play are conducted weekly during the summer to enhance their skills.

The J-Hawk coaching staff consists of; Head Coach JP Sanborn with assistance from Jimmy Flynn, Kaylene Rogers, Andy Kasprzak and other volunteers as they become available. Please address any issues you have to the coaching staff as soon as they arise.

JHAWKS Basketball will operate under the same rules and restrictions as Journeyman Basketball. Each player will be asked to abide by the JPA contract written by the players in order to provide a complete understanding of what is expected of any athlete within the organization. The Journeyman and JHAWKS current JPA presidents are Ryan Dixon & Adam Dixon. E-mails that need their attention can be forwarded to info@journeymanbasketball.com.

Facility usage is always the toughest assignment for our organization. We often change the schedule at last minute notice. We most often have approximately 30 to 50 girls program participants every session and it is difficult to call all of them when there is a schedule change. We ask that you closely monitor the website at all times! We post schedule changes immediately after we are notified. Paper schedules can be made available by request but the website schedule always over rules any printed version of a schedule.

Point System Points (PSP)
Just like the Journeymen we will be using the PSP system. PSP is a statistical tracking process that allows players to get rewarded for more than just points. PSP are points associated with rebounds, steals, assists, blocked shots and points. This allows the team to see other key attributes to the game that other players provide. PSP is a great system but other key attributes to the game such as superior attitude, effort, dedication, hustle and commitment must be practiced to be a great player. These are the things we look for in a JHAWK or a NET. Those responsible for adopting these qualities will be rewarded. These “stats” are posted online by volunteers under your aspiring athletes own program bio.

Game Format
Each team will have a 10 game tournament. That tournament is followed by a Championship Game and an awards ceremony for worthy athletes. There is also an All-Star Game provided there are more than 30 athletes in a current session. If there are not 30 athletes J-Hawks typically will schedule a “family game”. All-Star starters are selected by using the top ten in PSP with a minimum of 7 games attended. Reserves are voted in by players and staff.

Each participant will receive a numbered reversible jersey which is property of JHAWKS or NETS Basketball. If T-shirts are issued they can be kept by the athlete. Jerseys must always be returned. Shorts are purchased at the time of registration and are the property of the athlete. We ask that you keep your uniform clean and wear it with pride. Furthermore, when the session has ended, we ask that you promptly turn in your jersey to the designated uniform coordinator. Again, any t-shirts that were assigned to you, you may keep.


Program age Ranges
Use the image above. Our younger Girls are JHAWKS and high school girls are NETS. This is effective June 2023! We are currently unsure that we will be able to run a NETS program for Fall and Winter but for the summer of 2023 we will offer a NETS program!

This is a LARGE part of what JHAWKS, NETS and Journeyman Basketball is all about. It is typical to see Journeyman players at a variety of girls program events. These select players often support the girls program with their time as volunteers. They will be keeping stats and helping with clean-up and drills. Please be sure to return the favor through other programs when your busy student schedule allows.

Session Dates
Effective late 2014 J-Hawk Seasonal Sessions will run concurrent with boys program dates.

  • JHAWKS – Winter Session – Mid January til the end of March
  • JHAWKS & NETS – Summer Session – Mid June til the end of August
  • JHAWKS – Fall Session – Mid September til the end of November

Registration for these teamwork, character and fundamental sessions are typically open for registration 10 weeks in advance. To ensure you know about these sessions and can get some needed communication about them, visit REGISTRATION AND STORE and complete the RECEIVE COMMUNICATION section. Keep and mind you can unsubscribe at any time.