SELECT Tournament Teams

In addition Journeyman’s seasonal sessions we do offer travel basketball!


February 2024 Update.

The plan for 2024 is to establish competitive teams. We typically only assemble teams we have trustworthy coaches for. SELECT is ran logistically by JP Sanborn and Karyn Loch and the athletes conduct themselves under the leadership of Andy Kasprzak and Jimmy Flynn. Those interested in being part of SELECT should contact us at

2024 Tournament Schedule

NOTE: Tournaments reading NH are most likely Hampton, Derry, Plaistow ect.
NOTE: Tournaments reading ME are mostly Saco

April 6-7 Showdown – NH
April 13-14 – Battle for the Belt – ME
April 27-28 Mayhem – NH

May 4-5 State Tourney – NH
May 11-12 Keene Edge – NH
May 18-19 Canadian Border Challenge – ME


We will have 5 tournament teams for the 2024 season.

7TH COACH: Dave McGuckin

Chong, Brandon
Lewis, Jonah
McGuckin, Griffin
Plante, Henry
Rich, Sam
Rothfuss, Cooper
Bussell, Brady
Reeves, Camden
Griffin, Tyler
Middleton, Eli
Murphy, Jackson
Verissimo, Conor


8TH COACH: Jimmy Flynn

Jumper, Chase
Scott, Jack
Mulligan, Grady
Beer, Ian
Baker, Grant
Skidds, Ethan
Kasztejna, Tyler
May, Isaia
Scott, Lucas


8TH COACH: Jimmy Flynn

Clough, Aaron
Polzinetti, Jacob
Molda, Aaron
Skidds, Carson
McGeorge, Nate
Clift, Brennan
Sanchez, Gabriel
Hoffmaster, Wesley
Clift, Ryan
Keesee, Jason


9TH COACH: Jason Sweeney

Kibbie, Lochlan
Myles, Iver
Malone, Jackson
Cartwright, Rhys
Sweeney, Liam
Taylor, Colby
Graves, Tommy
Penumatsa, Akshaj
Graney, Will
Clift, Evan
Rich, Will


JV (10TH) COACH: Tony Theos

Theos, Luca
Meyers, Nick
Marcoiullier, Austin
Plante, Raymond
Dixon, Adam
Hollasch, Austin
Burke, Michael
Mollica, Joe
Newkirk, Cael
Norton, Parker


VARSITY COACH: Andy Kasprzak

Yang, Matthew
Cartwright, Jack
Carpenter, Jack
Clough, Will
Kirby, Brendan
Mason Kasprzak
Eathan Brewer
Allen, James
Duarte, Joey
Varney, Luca
Mollica, Will


This is not the same program as Journeyman Sessions!
Many student athletes look for a competitive environment to allow their skills to grow often facing top notch teams from out-of-state. SELECT is this program. It follows a far different structure with the same character and team building structure as Journeyman but does not share the same rules in regards to playing time. More advanced players will receive more time! This, of course, is dependent upon the game situation and the opinion of the teams head coach.

The SELECT program starts mid March and often runs until the first week of June. This time frame may change slightly depending on an individual teams schedule. A season normally takes under three months. We also offer a tune-up in October and try-outs can vary with times posted for December, January and February.

Practices are twice a week. These practices will be 1.5hrs to 2hrs. long. The days of these practices are set up individually by a group of coaches so it can fit their personal schedule and often the general availability of the team. There will often be a week off for April vacation.

A tournament season can include 5-6 tournaments. These tournaments are conducted on the weekend. Normally one tournament per season is a “one day”. This, like other categories can change by the request of the team or its coach. Rest assured the SELECT program strives to give you a solid value for your investment. Tournament schedules are often not provided to SELECT staff until the Wednesday before a tournament. And often we are advised that a “first pass” of a schedule will be amended so we often wait a bit longer for a final schedule.

80% of our tournaments are local. We consider, Hampton, Southern Maine, Nashua and towns within that range to be local. One or two tournaments a season could include hotel stay. It is your responsibility to communicate with SELECT regarding group rates and try to keep athletes from a team together (at the same hotel).

We encourage our teams to stick together. This often means, trying to stay in the same hotel, eating out together and staying in tune with group chats to find out what the team is doing. Ultimately we understand this is your decision as a parent but we encourage our teams to learn about each other on many levels to ensure the best possibility to grow as a team.

Our board of directors create this ALL INCLUSIVE cost every year before we begin. Team dinner, apparel, jr admin (stats) and uniform costs traditionally included in your fee. What does this mean, it means we do not add costs after the fact.